Top 10 Nursing Shoes For Women


Top 10 Nursing Shoes for Women

Everyone knows that working as a nurse means spending hours on your feet. Not every nurse takes the best care of their feet. Finding the right pair of nursing shoes for women or men can make a big difference in the a nurse’s life. It’s not just about whether your feet hurt. Rather it’s about promoting quality posture and spinal alignment as well as preventing long-term leg and foot pain. While all of the footwear listed in this post does not address every one of these aspects, several of them do and should be considered when you are looking for a near pair of nursing shoes.

Benefits of a Quality Pair of Nursing Shoes

  • less foot pain
  • less back pain
  • assist in balance
  • prevent spinal issues
  • reduce stress and discomfort

A nurse on the floor can spend  12 hours or more a day on their feet. Having uncomfortable shoes that don’t fit properly or offer enough support will not only leave you with aching feet but more complex aches and pains in the legs and back. Sometimes this pain and discomfort can translate to long term back and leg problems that are difficult and costly to treat. Fortunately, there is a wide array of nursing shoes, specifically designed to address the needs of a nurse who works on her feet all day.

Here is a list and short reviews of the top 10 nursing shoes (best sellers) for women to hopefully help you find exactly what your feet are looking for and your sense of fashion demands!

#1 – Dansko Women’s Volley Clog

Dansko Women's Volley ClogMade with synthetic materials and canvas, the Dansko Women’s Volley Clog, with a slight platform and a 1 ¼” heel, provides the hard-working nurse with the benefit of both comfort and style. This clog is available in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns, in everything from black and purple to blue patchwork and rose floral. Depending on the color/pattern you choose, the MSRP ranges from $70.00 to $95.00, but can be found on for less.

#2 – Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Dansko Women's Volley Box Leather Clog

Similar to the canvas Dansko Women’s Volley Clog, the Dansko Women’s Volley Box Leather Clog features a 1 ¼” heel, synthetic and fabric materials and a rubber sole for stability. However, this clog is made of box leather and is only available in black and white. Although the MSRP is $85.00, this comfortable and professional-looking nursing shoe can be found for less at

#3 – Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker

Skechers Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker

One of the most popular brands in women’s shoes for everyday wear is Skechers. Now, the same comfort you find in your favorite pair can be found in this all white or white with navy trim nursing version known as the Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker. Typically the MSRP of this shoe is valued around $59.95 but often sells for about 17% less on

#4 – WorkWear PEACOCK Women’s Step InWorkWear PEACOCK Women's Step In

Comprised of 100% cotton and durable leather, the WorkWear Peacock Women’s Step In offers a lightweight outsole and breathable linings. A more traditional nursing shoe, this style can be found at for approximately 10% less than the MSRP of $48.00.

#5 – Dickies ‘Twin Gore Step In Shoe ‘Intense”‘

Dickies 'Twin Gore Step In Shoe 'Intense"'

The Dickies Intense Women’s Slip On Nursing Shoe features washable leather and a lightweight, slip resistant outsole. This nursing shoe is available in black or white and is available in in both wide and regular sizes. Retailing for $60.00 per pair, you can find this uniquely designed nursing shoe on for about 23% less.

#6 – Women’s Nurse Mates DOVE Slip On Loafers

Women's Nurse Mates DOVE Slip On Loafers

A more popularly seen nurse’s shoe is the Women’s Nurse Mates DOVE Slip On Loafers. Made mostly of leather with a rubber slip-resistant sole, this shoe comes in a variety of colors you can pair with your favorite scrubs. Colors include, but are not limited to, black, metallic navy, pink and all white. The MSRP on the DOVE Slip On Loafer from Nurse Mates is $70.00. However, you can order yours today from for 20% less.

#7 –Alegria Women’s Donna Clog

Alegria nurse clog

Arguably one of the most comfortable nursing shoe brands on the market, Alegria brings style along for the ride. Although they are priced slightly higher than some other brands, with an MSRP ranging from $109.95 to $119.95, many feel they are worth the price. The Donna Clog is a leather upper with manmade sole, removable latex, memory foam and cork footbed, with colors and patterns to spare, including Friends White, Froggie Sue Black, Navy Sew Hope and of course black and white. Sold on this shoe? Check out to save around 43% on the Alegria Women’s Donna Clog.

We also featured the Alegria Clog as the most comfortable shoes for nurses.

#8 – Alegria Women’s Professional Slip On

Alegria Women's Professional Slip OnAnother shoe designed with not only comfort in mind, but style as well. The Alegria Women’s Professional Slip On is comprised of leather with a slip-resistant rubber sole and an adjustable Velcro closure featuring button detail. Let’s not forget the patented interlocking cork memory foam footbed that molds to your feet and walking pressures to maximize comfort. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, including Black Butterfly Patent, Professional Floral and Black Patina, this Alegria shoe has an MSRP of around $120.00, but can be found on for about 25% less.

#9 –Dickies Uniforms Women’s Conquest Axiom Leather Clog

Dickies Uniforms Women's Conquest Axiom Leather Clog

The Dickies Uniforms Women’s Conquest Axiom Leather Clog is a beautifully designed piece of nursing footwear. It is made of premium leather with patterns and details as well as a moisture absorbing lining material. Rather than being a completely closed clog, it does include a swiveled and adjustable back strap. The insole is soft and anatomical, and the sole is slip resistant. The midsole is made of a lightweight material. Best of all they are stylish and super comfortable.

#10 –Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Clog

Timberland Pro Women's Renova Clog

Last, but certainly not least on our top ten women’s nursing shoe list is the Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Clog. This shoe is frequently rated as one of the best shoes by nurses and currently has 4.5 stars. It is available in a variety of materials including leather and polyurethane. The safe grip slip-resistant sole has a heal-to-toe rocker design to help improve traction and reduce foot pressure. The synthetic, anti-fatigue sole is one thing that sets this pair of shoes apart from the rest. This innovation in footwear allows nurses to stand all day on their feet in comfort while providing superior shock absorption and proper leg and back support. I have personally worn these shoes and love them.

My personal favorite Timberland Renova Pro. You find out why we think they are the best shoes for nurses in our in depth review.

Need a white pair of nursing shoes? Check out our blog post on the best white nursing shoes for women.

There is no need any women should have to compromise style for comfort in any profession. The nursing shoes listed here provide you with many options from style to color, never letting up on the comfort and again, all can be found online for way less than most retail stores.

What are you thoughts on the best nursing shoes for women? Do you like clogs, sneakers, leather or canvas? Sound off and let us know what you think.


  1. Jen says

    When choosing any pair of shoes, it is important to make sure the shoes have a firm heel counter. If you are on your feet for 12 hour shifts, you should wear a shoe that has a back to stabilize and control the ankle. I just noticed that one pair didn’t have a back.
    You should not be able to twist the shoes like a dishtowel, and they should bend in the front, not in the middle. Lace up shoes will give you a better fit.
    If you still have foot (or knee, hip, back) pain, you may want to consider orthotics, as the purpose of an orthotic is to stabilize from the ground up. :)

    • says

      These are great tips! With so many nurses favoring the clogs it’s interesting to hear your feedback on the need for the heel and the fact that lace up shoes will give a better fit.

      What are your favorite nursing shoes?

  2. Diana says

    I’ve tried many, MANY different brands and styles of clogs, but they make my knees hurt terribly. I really want to love them.

    I have found that New Balance 711 are the perfect amount of stability and cushion in a sneaker. They come in a ton of colors and even in wide widths. I’m a bit of an underpronator, so they help keep my foot stable.

    Combine them with my Zensah compression sleeves and I’m one happy girl!!! Even after a 12-16 hour shift of running around like a lunatic. Zensah compression sleeves are a great alternative for people who want support and compression without having their toes covered. Throw in a pair of soft socks and you’re set.

  3. oingo2boingo says

    @Sam Jaccobson Sketchers have lots of complaints about failure by reviewers that waited until they had them for a while unlike most.

  4. says

    I’ve been using Skechers Slip-On sneakers for years and the only complain I had was that stitching at the toe started to come loose after 3 weeks of wearing the shoes. But that was only one time with this particular Sketchers pair. Maybe I got a “black sheep” and their quality has not slipped. I also made some comments about those shoes on so if you wanna to check them out, go ahead!

  5. BSN at Work says

    I had a pair of white leather Danskos. I did not like them. They were too tight across the top of my foot causing fluid build up. I even had them stretched twice. The size larger was too big. I am now wearing the Dickes shown in this article. I love them! They are so light & comfortable!

  6. MelanieBanks says

    Thank you for the advice! I just graduated and have been looking for good shoes. I saw the Dansko clogs all the at clinical. Now I know why!

  7. says

    idlivru1  Danskos were my very first part of nursing shoes. I believe the pair I purchase were too small and after I had my child I couldn’t wear them at all. I liked them, and they made my back feel great, but my feet weren’t in love with them.

    We had to wear white nursing uniforms, and I graduated in 2008. I think I went through 3 pairs of shoes because they just wouldn’t stay white!

  8. idlivru1 says

    I have both the pink patent leather Danskos and the solid black leather ones.  love them both…but my all time favorites from when I started out in nursing are the nurse mates.  and we were only allowed to wear white shoes with white stockings and white uniforms…I am really hard on whites…I went through a lot of whites in 2 years!

  9. BossNurse says

    I love my Alegria Palomas! The MaryJane style keeps my foot in the shoe when I’m running flat out, and I can go 12-16 hours in these babies without my feet hurting.

  10. says

    I’m starting my new nursing job mid-March and am going to be heading out to a local scrubs store to try on some Danskos and other brands. I wore New Balance through nursing school, but I could tell they wouldn’t cut it for 3-12’s a week. I know that shoes are a personal preference kind of thing, but I appreciate getting information like this about what shoes seem to work well for other nurses. :) Thanks!

    • says

      I wore Danskos for a bit. I feel pray to not buying the right size. Make sure you can fit at least a finger behind your heal.This will give you the fit you need for these to be comfortable.

      Depending on the shifts I worked, I often had 2 pairs of shoes. I started with one pair then changed into another later in the day. This let my feet rest. Usually I’d start with a hard sole (like dansko) and switch to the soft sole later.

      Let us know what kind you pick and what you think of them.

      • says

        I ended up with the Dansko pro in the raindrop pattern. They are a bit tight across the instep, but fit perfectly otherwise, and I was assured that they stretch and conform across the instep with wear. I’ll still cart my NB tennies to work when I start on the 11th to change out if I need, and am wearing my new Danskos around the office and house in the meantime.

        Thanks for the tip about changing shoes mid-shift. I think I’ll try that and see how it works for me.

  11. Laura Mae Walls says

    Love my Dansko professional clogs. I prefer leather over canvas or cloth. All it takes is one patient urinating on your feet! I have several pairs, but my favorite are my brown tooled. Reminds me of cowboy boots. I’ve been known to wear them out with jeans.

    • says

      My favorite thing about Danskos was how protected my feet felt. Compared to most of the other shoes I’ve worn, they were much more protective. I also thought about the risk of needles dropping or beds running over your toes… then again, I’m a bit analytically.

      There is nothing worse than getting bodily fluid on a permeable shoe…. ew… just ewwww

  12. says

    I love my Danskos, but to the uninitiated, be sure to try them on in person. They are a bit heavier than most shoes.

    Paired with compression socks, these shoes have saved my legs, and offer a teaching tool for patients who don’t want to wear their TED hose. :) “Hey, I have mine on, what’s your deal?”


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