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Blogging and Social Media provides nurses and other healthcare professionals with a bigger voice in the world. The Blogging & Social Media category will focus on topics that help nurses become more empowered through blogging.

Our Best Nursing Blogs of 2016

In 2016, The Nerdy Nurse aimed at being consistent. We wanted to bring you our very best nursing blogs. We've narrowed our focus to almost exclusively on nursing content... PIN NOW, Read Later

In 2016, The Nerdy Nurse aimed at being consistent. We wanted to bring you our very best nursing blogs. We’ve narrowed our focus to almost exclusively on nursing content and really tried to hone in and write on topics that we knew you would be interested in. Historically we’ve jumped around to topics ranging from parenting, travel, family, and personal ramblings. …

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Nurses Need to Learn the Business of Blogging

business of blogging

I have helped many nurses discover blogging, learn more about blogging, and even encouraged some (like my friend Nurse Eye Roll) to come out of the anonymous blogging and social media closet. I’ve spent countless hours researching the skills, tools, and methods needed to be a successful blogger and have grown a site that attracts over 100,000 visitors every month. It’s time that I start lighting more torches in the world and teach nurses the business of blogging.

The Best Task Management App – A GQueues Review

The Best Task Management App - A GQueues Review

Hold on tight, you’re about to be blown away by the best task management app available! This Gqueues review will provide you with an honest account of, what is in my opinion, the best task management app for online productivity. It’s great for bloggers, informaticists, analysts, and pretty much anyone that uses a computer as to do their work.

Hangout with Social Media’s Top Nurses and the Mayo Clinic

iAMaNURSE Google Hangout with Social Media Nurses

Capella University has organized an incredible LIVE Google Hangout where social media’s top nurse contributors, as well as Mayo Clinic’s Center of Social Media director will come together to talk about social media. The hangout, which will take place on April 30th, 2015 at 2pm ET, will give nurses practical advice for living in a world saturated with social media. I am very excited about being a part of this event because I know that first hand that nurses benefit from social media and how it can improve their personal and professional lives when they use it properly.

The Ultimate List of Nurse Blogs and Social Media Accounts to Follow

The Ultimate List of Nurse Blogs and Social Media Accounts to Follow

The blogoshpere is booming with passionate and entertaining nurse bloggers. I’ve seen a few lists that compile the best nurse blogs or the top nurses to follow on twitter, pinterest, and even Google plus. However, I’ve never seen a single location where you can find a comprehensive list of nursing blogs and their social media accounts. It goes without saying that nurses who blog are also active on social media so why not get everything together in one location?

First Place in the AJN Book of the Year Awards

Award Winning Social Media and Technology Guide for Nurses

The American Journal of Nursing has awarded the honor of book of the year to The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. The book received first place honors in the Information Technology/Social Media category.

I am sincerely honored and grateful that the AJN has selected my book as one noteworthy in the year 2014. To have my little technology and social media guidebook alongside textbooks and other prestigious nursing publications is mindblowing.

Let’s Talk About Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration

Clinical integration is pretty amazing. It’s not quite an ACO, yet allows a healthcare organizations within a community to loosely associate in order to provide better care for their patients. These hospitals and private practices agree to share data about the patients they care for with one another and agree to practice by defined health initiatives. It’s a way to provide better care across the continuum and also allows for providers to increase their reimbursement.

This means more money coming into hospitals and physician’s offices, which means they can hire more nurses!

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