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The Nerdy Nurse is all about technology. From blogging to the latest innovations in equipment or electronic medical records, the Technology category focuses on innovations that improve the lives of nurses and the patients they serve.

Katie Duke NY Med – Nurse Fired for Social Media – Updated

Katie Duke Ny Med Nurse Fired for Social Media

Social media can do many wonderful things for nurses. Even Katie has used social media to catapult herself as a personal brand and grow a huge following online. But it can also have big, sometimes unforeseen consequences, even for bold nurses who are on reality shows.

How to Get a Job in Nursing Informatics

How to Get a Job in Nursing Informatics

What is Nursing Informatics? And is this job right for you? Learn how to get a job in Nursing Informatics and everything else you ever wanted to know about this new field.

5 Current Healthcare Issues and How an Integrated Delivery System Can Solve Them

5 Current Healthcare Issues and How an Integrated Delivery System Can Solve Them

Of all the issues for a hospital or medical office to have, technology and communication issues shouldn’t be one of them. But they do happen, and far too often. We’ve partnered with Ascom to dig into these issues because these are among the many safety issues in nursing that decrease the quality of care nurses can provide. Read on to learn about the 5 current healthcare issues and how an integrated delivery system can reduce their impact and in many cases solve.

7 Must Have Nurse Gadgets

7 Must Have Nurse Gadgets

In today’s tech-filled world every profession has multiple gadgets available to make that job easier. The following nurse gadgets are fantastic for nurses who enjoy technology and are looking for something to help them perform their job easier and more efficiently. 7 Must-Have Nurse Gadgets We’ve outlined some of the best nurse gadgets in this comparison …

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What is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing informatics is a field that allows specialists to be at the meeting point of technology and healthcare, giving a front row seat to many innovations.

Healthcare is a profession that has long been on the rise due to the demand for expert health professionals. Qualified nurses, in particular, are treasured by institutes and patients alike. However, despite the need for an expert opinion, healthcare has long since moved from being a manually operated profession alone. Just like every other profession, healthcare is also making way for the one thing that has eased a million tasks worldwide – technology!

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