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PRN nursing shifts provide flexibility and the ability to build your own schedule. If you’re looking for a work/life balance, want to make some extra cash outside your full-time job or as you ease into retirement, or just want more variety and don’t want to always work at the same facility, working PRN shifts might be a great option. 

Although there are many ways you can work PRN shifts, historically, nurses had to contract with a hospital and work a required number of hours in order to stay in the PRN pool. But innovative technology has changed this traditional model, and now’s the time nurses got a piece of that flexible pie. So I’ve partnered with ShiftKey, to make sure nurses everywhere know that there’s a new way to find PRN shifts nearby, to work when I want and in the palm of my hand.

The ShiftKey App

By using the ShiftKey App, you can find and bid on your ideal PRN nursing shifts quickly and easily. In this article, I’ll share how to use this resource to find PRN nursing shifts near you and work when you want.

Travel Nursing

Between 2020 and 2022, travel nurses could make a ton of money. But travel nursing is a big commitment requiring you to relocate for 6-13 weeks at a time, find a new place to stay, duplicate your living expenses, and turn your life upside down. Great if you want to explore the country, but not so great if you just want to pick up an extra shift and earn a few hundred dollars.

PRN Nursing

Over time a new trend emerged: PRN nursing. Now, nurses who want to be independent (but don’t necessarily want to move) can work on a PRN basis. PRN is an acronym from the Latin “Pro Re Nata.” In English, the term translates into “as needed.” Nurses and doctors frequently use the term PRN in patient care, and over time, it has become a shorthand phrase used by nurses in many areas.

What is a PRN nurse?

A PRN nurse is a nurse that is called in to cover a special situation or fill in for an absent employee on a short-term basis. 

A PRN nurse is not a full-time employee but instead, a part-time employee or independent contractor. This type of work gives nurses the ability to choose shifts and assignments and make extra money as their schedule allows.

Some PRN positions may require a minimum number of hours. However, most of them are very flexible, based on the facility’s needs. It’s a working situation that allows nurses to pick up additional PRN shifts and make good side money without necessarily needing to travel or move to a new city.

How can I find PRN nursing shifts near me?

Historically, if you wanted to pick up a PRN nursing shift, you would have to be hired by a healthcare facility and complete all the traditional onboarding. Another option was to work for a staffing agency that would decide for you which hospital to send you to. Nurses would be limited to PRN shifts at one location where they were employed or to facilities where they were sent by their staffing agencies. 

Now, instead of being employed by a healthcare facility or staffing agency, nurses can choose to be independent contractors and connect directly with healthcare facilities that have open PRN shifts.

I believe nurses need to take ownership of their careers and should have the choice to explore non-traditional work, like picking up PRN nursing shifts as independent healthcare professionals. I partnered with ShiftKey because they are the industry’s largest and most powerful PRN platform. 

With the ShiftKey App, nurses who have full-time jobs can pick up PRN shifts on the side for some extra income. Or if you’re just looking to work part-time for work/life balance or as you ease into retirement, working PRN shifts can be a great option. If you’re just starting out, using an app like ShiftKey lets you check out different facilities before committing to a full-time job. 

Imagine having full flexibility over when you work and for how much! You have total control over when and how often you wish to use the ShiftKey App to locate opportunities.  

Advantages Of Using The ShiftKey App

Here are some reasons to use the ShiftKey app to find and bid on PRN nursing shifts near you:

  • Take control of your work schedule –  browse open shifts in your area, choose which shifts to bid on, and at your preferred rate.
  • Choose your payment option – you can choose to be paid the next day with a Rapid! PayCard or receive weekly deposits to your bank account.
  • Online credential verification – You can easily upload and manage your credentials in the ShiftKey App.
  • Get real-time updates – With the ShiftKey App, you can get notified about open shifts, premium rate shifts, schedule updates, and payments. 

To put it simply, when you use the ShiftKey App, you can easily find PRN nursing shifts near me so you can work where you want, and for the pay you want. For nurses who like to take control of their careers, using the ShiftKey App to locate PRN nursing shifts may be the perfect fit.

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