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The opinions stated here are my own. I really don’t think anyone else would want them anyways… I am not speaking on behalf of my employer or any professional nursing organizations. I maintain HIPAA standards and respect the privacy of my patients and coworkers. Any events that I mention here are collective memories and details have always been changed to protect patients, my friends, and myself. If you happen to think I’ve written about you, well Carly Simon apparently sang a little did that was probably about you too.

I am PR friendly and am always looking for story ideas, innovations that I may find of interest, or products that might be practical for my professional use and home. You may contact me through the contact form.

Social Media, including this blog, Twitter, and others are utilized by me in order to express my opinion to save the sanity of those who actually have to see me in the flesh daily. I have a lot to say, and often times not enough people to say it to. So thank you internet for being here to listen. You’re the best therapy a nerdy nurse could ask for!

Some links may be affiliate links. If you purchase something via a click through my blog, there is a chance I will make a small commission form the sale. I am not paid for my opinion. Posts may be sponsored (this includes guest posts).

I blog with integrity.

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