Most Popular Shoes for Nurses: Alegria Clog

When you work on your feet all day long it’s important to have shoes that are comfortable. However, a nurse shouldn’t have to sacrifice style all in the name of comfort. Luckily, these days there are many nursing shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Nursing shoes that meet both of these requirements are generally pretty popular and the Alegria Clog, and other Alegria styles, are generally considered to be the most popular shoes for nurses today.

But what makes the Alegira Clog the most popular imagenursing school? What about them is so spectacular?

I’m sure you’ve seen this popular style worn around the nursing unit. Even so,  you might not have been convinced enough to fork over the cash. That’s understandable, as many nursing shoes can be very expensive and may not be right for everyone’s feet. However, I have not met a single nurse that hasn’t loved their Alegria Clog. In fact,  many nurses swear by these shoes for their superior comfort and cute patterns and designs.

Here are some Amazon reviews from others about these comfortable nursing shoes:



I am an RN. I got rid of all my other shoes including Nike Shoxx, Skechers, Crocs, etc once I tried these shoes on. My feet, ankles and legs are not fatigued after running around all day. I swear by them. They do have a tendency to squeak because they are leather but if you remove the liner and sprinkle baby powder underneath it takes care of the problem quickly. I own several pairs and continue to buy them in different designs. My coworkers and patients love them!

Wonderful shoe I am a hairdresser on my feet all day and these shoes are great and stylish I get complements all the time,I’m told they look better on me when I where wider and longer pants. They have saved my life I am in a lot of pain at the end of the day with reg. shoes and now that I have these my back and feet no longer hurt. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

I tried on these shoes on a whim because of the fun bright colors, not really thinking I would purchase a pair. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were and how cute they look on. I purchase two pairs and wear them all the time. Several of my friends have now purchased them and love them. The variety of colors are really fun, too. So far, they are very durable.

I’m an RN and spend anywhere from 8-16 hours a day on my feet. These shoes combined with compression socks allow me to run around all day without having any foot pain. Plus, the pattern is really cute. I previously bought Danskos and they hurt my arches. I’d definitely recommend these for anyone that is on heir feet a lot. Great quality, cute patterns and the perfect amount of support and cushy soles. Fast shipping too.

Nurses rave about how these shoes save their feet and backs from the aches and pains that they’ve experienced with other shoes. As an added bonus they come in a ton of cute colors and patterns. There are also several other styles available including the following:

Alegria debra Slip-On

$59.90 – $120.00


Alegria Paloma Flat

$62.10 – $119.95


Alegria Belle Oxford

$53.10 – $113.95


Alegria Dayna Flat

$68.70 – $123.49


Alegria Kayla Clog

$86.90 – $110.00


Alegria Profesional Slip-On

$68.36 – $122.55


Alegria Alli Flat

$117.45 – $130.00


Alegria Seville Clog

$58.95 – $120.00


Alegria Donna Clog

$69.00 – $120.00


Alegria Feliz Mary Jane Shoes

$69.90 – $89.95


Alegria Kyra Flat

$69.00 – $110.00



The great looking clog style features a polyurethane rocker outsole that “rocks” you from heel to toe for less foot stress. The outsole works with the cork and latex memory footbed for better posture. Extra roomy fit gives toes plenty of room to stretch out and relax.


Here’s an added bonus of the Alegria Clogs: You can replace the soles! While you may be able to attempt this in most sneakers, many nurses shoes do not allow this and this can make your old nursing shoes feel like new again!

Check the video to find out more about the popular Alegria Nursing Shoes.


Have you ever worn the Alegria Clog? What did you think of them? Would you recommend them to a friend or coworker? Sound off in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Most Popular Shoes for Nurses: Alegria Clog”

  1. I completely agree! Alegria Shoes are my favorite shoes by far to wear at work and outside of work! They are the best nursing shoes I have ever owned.

  2. My sister is a nurse and she happens to be seaeching for a pair of shoes also ! i’m gonna recommend this site to her so she can make her own choice 🙂 great post by the way! keep on

  3. After reading all the reviews, i just ordered the Kyra Mary Janes. I will try and report back. I am not a nurse, but a portrait photographer…so lots of standing, moving props and children around. I have a couple back issues that can flair up, especially when i am on my feet for long periods of time. Currently Birkenstocks and Crocs are the only shoes that i find comfortable but they are soooo lacking in style and not shoes i could wear with anything ‘dressy’. I am hoping i have hit the jackpot with the Alegria =)

      1. I am so bummed out! They shipped SO fast and look soooo well-made, but the come right across my toe joints and the leather is pretty hard….and unfortunately i’ve got the beginnings of a bunion on my right big toe, so i am going to need to send them back. I would dearly love to find a shoe that has more coverage in that cute mary jane style, but it looks like all of them come across the foot joints. I wish birkenstocks and crocs weren’t so hideous.

        1. For your feet sake don’t give up on these shoes they have so many styles and in wide widths also. I am not a young nurse 57 and I am on my feet twelve hrs and more a day and if it weren’t for my sevilles I wouldn’t be able to do it. I have tried other shoes and none come close to alegria. My first pair I wore for 8 yrs and if my dog hadn’t chewed them I would still be wearing them. Good luck!

  4. I just bought a pair and was wondering-does it take awhile for you to get used to them?? By the end of my 12 hour shift my legs really ache and my feet are alittle sore

    1. These shoes wear like a pair of Birkenstocks, so it might takes a few weeks and at the very least a few days to full break in.
      However, the support these shoes offer is different than others so they might not be right for you.

  5. I got my first pair of Alegria’s about a year ago after my first knee replacement surgery. My foot was swollen for a while and my old shoes didn’t fit anymore. I now own 6 pairs (5 pairs of classic clogs and a pair of sandals). I get all kinds of comments on them at work. When I was in the hospital for my second knee replacement in July, one of my nurses was wearing Alegria’s. These shoes are so fun, yet super supportive and wonderfully comfortable. I just love ’em!

  6. Thanks so much! I have definitely noticed that more than just nurses love these shoes. I see them everywhere am have gotten many emails and comments stating they many different types of people in all sorts of careers have found great benefit in this footwear. Awesome to find great shoes that are comfortable and really stylish!

  7. BossNurse This is awesome to hear! I think it’s really impressive that nurses are wearing them both at work and at home. And they have so many styles to choose from, why not, right?

  8. Eileen Hopkins Riccio

    I too am not a nurse, but work in a factory / office and sometimes walk 4 miles a day at work. I also have plantar fasciitis and pretty much won’t wear anything but Alegria shoes anymore!

  9. I am a nurse and an Alegria fan. I am stopped at work by folks who want to see the latest palomas! I have several pairs and switch them out frequently to keep them in shape!

  10. I am not a nurse but a banker but I am on my feet a lot believe it or not and someone mentioned these shoes and I am in love with them. If you have any back or foot problems these are the shoes for you!!

  11. I love my Alegria’s. 4 pair and counting. Want more! I even have some of the sandals for wearing when off work and they are beautiful, stylish, and soooo comfortable.

  12. I’m a phlebotomist and I LOVE my shoes and get numerous compliments on them. Saving my pennies to order some more. 🙂

  13. cynthia pennington

    I’m on m y feet most of the day. A friend at work had some of the Mary Jane’s and I loved them. I now have 11 pair of Mary Jane’s and 6 pair of the sandals. I want wear anything else.  I even wear them to church with my pants. No I’m not a nurse. I’m a teaching assistant. I also was having trouble with my back and legs. Was getting treatments for my back too.

  14. I have the Paloma, and I love, love, love these shoes.  I have major arch problems, and these are the first shoes I’ve owned that I can work 12 hours in and NOT end up the shift limping my way to the car.  I ended up buying a few more pairs for the house, I love them so much.

  15. These are all so cute! Thanks for adding reviews. I’m going to have to think seriously about investing in a pair 🙂

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