Best Clogs for Nurses

Not every nurse wants a more traditional nursing shoe. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of the Best Clogs for Nurses. Some of these clogs will also add a little bit of flair to an otherwise monochromatic uniform.

Everyone knows that working as a nurse means spending hours on your feet. Not every nurse takes the best care of their feet so finding the right pair of nursing shoes can make a big difference in a nurse’s life.

Best Nursing Clogs

We’ve outlined some of the best clogs for nurses in this comparison table to make it easier to find the one that is right for you. You can click “Read More” on any of them in the table to jump to the section in this article outlining more information about it. Or, you can click the “Buy from” button to pick it up immediately.

Image Product Rating Price More Check Price
1 Best Clogs for Nurses - candc clogs zebra C&C Sweden Clogs by The Scandanavia Company $$ Read More Check Price
2 Sanita 'Izabella' Professional Clogs Sanita ‘Izabella’ Professional Clogs $$ Read More Check Price
3 Dansko Women's Professional Patent Clog,Petrol Patent,39 M EU Dansko Women’s Professional Clog $-$$ Read More Check Price
4 Dansko Women's Professional Mule,Antique Brown/Black,39 EU/8.5-9 M US Dansko Women’s™ Professional Mule $$ Read More Check Price
5 Calzuro Metallic Blue Without Upper Ventilation Holes - 37/38 US Women's 8.0 Calzuro Autoclavable Clog $$ Read More Check Price
6 Alegria Women's Donna, Lattice, 36 EU/6-6.5 M US Alegria Women’s Donna Clog $$ Read More Check Price
7 crocs Women's Mercy Clog, Black/Black, 8 M US Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog $ Read More Check Price
8 Anywear Women's Exact-W, Navy Swirl, 10 M US Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog $ Read More Check Price
9 Dickies Footwear Conquest Women's Axiom Leather Clog Embossed White 6 M US Dickies Uniforms Women’s Conquest Axiom Leather Clog $ Read More Check Price
10 Sanita Celina White in Patent Leather Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog $$ Read More Check Price
11 Klogs USA Women's Geneva Slip-On Shoe,Blue Spruce,6 M US Klogs USA Women’s™ Mission Mule $$ Read More Check Price
12 Timberland PRO Women's Renova Clog,Pewter,8.5 W US Timberland Pro Women’s™ Renova Pewter Clog $$ Read More Check Price

Best Clogs for Nurses

A nurse on the floor can spend 12 hours or more a day on their feet. Fortunately, there is a broad range of nursing clogs, specifically designed to address the needs of a nurse who works on their feet all day.

Benefits of a Quality Pair of Nursing Clogs:

  • less foot pain
  • less back pain
  • assists in balance
  • prevents spinal issues
  • reduces stress and discomfort

C&C Sweden Clogs by The Scandanavia Company

C&C Sweden Clogs for Nurses
Check Price

When I discovered C&C Sweden Clogs, I was immediately hooked.  I fell in love with the fun and funky prints as well as their classic and smooth suede styles. Any list or guide I’ve made for the best nursing shoes since has always included these beautiful and supportive nursing clogs. They have clogs with and without backs and even feature a mary jane clog, which is super cute with a dress. They provide a supportive sole and a footbed. Often seen flying off the shelves at nursing conferences, C&C Sweden clogs are one of the best-kept secrets in nursing. You can pick up a pair at

Sanita ‘Izabella’ Professional Clogs

Best Clogs for Nurses - 41u7pbnLpoL

I’ve had several nurses tell me that Sanitas is the new Danskos. In fact, the Sanita company manufactured all of the Dansko clogs until 2007. “If you want the same Dansko® clog that you loved prior to 2008, then you should buy Sanita®.” Sanita has been pumping out “The original Danish clog” since 1907. These shoes feature a rocker bottom, a leather anatomically-shaped footbed with excellent support, and a stabilizing PVC frame that helps these clogs last way longer than the competition. They are made with the highest quality leathers and superior construction methods. Of course, one of my favorite features in great colors and patterns. You can pick yours up on Amazon for the lowest price online. Sanita has been making cozy, comfortable clogs the Danish way since 1907. That tradition of craftsmanship and caring lives on today in every clog they make. With innovative design and exacting standards, their shoes are always easy on your feet. With attractive new styles every season, they are also easy on the eyes.

Why do we include Sanitas on our list of the best nursing shoes? They’re high quality, long-lasting, supportive nursing clogs with a cult following. You can’t go wrong with these awesome shoes.

Dansko Professional Clog

Best Clogs for Nurses - 41zWtVBiVJL

Consistently rated as one of the most popular brands of nursing shoes, Dansko Clogs offer high quality and comfort that comes with durability. Dansko professional clogs are meant for nurses working long hours and being constantly on their feet. They come with such benefits as:

  • Third-party slip-resistance that is officially tested and approved
  • Scotch-guard stain resistance
  • Odor and moisture resistance
  • Elegant leather upper
  • High posture support
  • Joints pressure and fatigue reduction
  • Easy cleaning

With this many advantageous features, it becomes obvious why the shoes for nurses of this brand are so popular. Speaking of the cons of Dansko professional clogs, we should only mention that they are not cushy and the base is not soft. They also take some getting used to as the rocking motion is not something most people are used to if they haven’t worn this style of shoe before. As with any shoe with a firm insole, these nurse clogs do require a break-in period. There might be some size difference if you are a non-European. Regardless, time after time Dansko nursing clogs are consistently ranked as some of the best shoes for nursing. You can find more information about these great shoes in our Dansko clogs post. Dansko clogs are either loved or hated by nurses. Be sure you buy the right size and give these shoes an ample break-in period before deciding whether they are right for you.

Is Dansko the best nursing shoes for women? It’s hotly contested. There was a time when they were uncontested, but quality products and quality changes don’t have us as confident. Still, they are a great shoe worthy of a try and they are classics, after all.

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule 

Best Clogs for Nurses - 41cLdr+C 8L

Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Scrubs & Beyond

Made with a variety of materials including oiled leather and synthetic soles, the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule, with a slight platform and a 1 ¼” heel, provides the hard-working nurse with the benefit of both comfort and style. Known for its arch support, padded instep collar, and rocker bottom, Danskos are often referred to as the Cadilac of nursing shoes. In fact, these were the shoes I desperately fawned over while in nursing school. I was fortunate to receive a beautiful pair of white leather Dansko that served me well while in school. This clog is available in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns, in everything from black and purple to blue patchwork and rose floral. Depending on the color/pattern you choose, the MSRP ranges from $69.00 to $165.00 but can be found on for less.

Calzuro Autoclavable Clog without Upper Ventilation

Best Clogs for Nurses - 31No9aqedvL

Check Price

Calzuro professional clogs are a favorite among nurses in the operating room because they are so easy to clean. They are the only pair of nursing shoes (that I am aware of) that can actually be autoclaved. They can also be washed in a bleach solution, with a bleach wipe, or simply tossed in the washing machine. If you work in an environment where your shoes tend to get messy, they are an excellent choice. They are available in many colors and styles. This particular version is backless, but they also have a version with a strap. They even make a model that includes upper ventilation, which is great if your feet tend to get hot and sweat during a shift. A few additional features that make this nursing clogs a great choice are:

  • 1.5 inch elevated heel to promote comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Massing nubs in the footbed with optional insoles
  • Latex-free

Alegria Women’s Donna Clog

Alegria Women's Donna Clog,Electro Native,35 Eu/5-5.5 M US
Check Price

Arguably one of the most comfortable nursing shoe brands on the market, Alegria brings style along for the ride. Although they are priced slightly higher than some other brands, with an MSRP ranging from $109.95 to $119.95, many feel they are worth the price. The Donna Clog is a leather upper with a manmade sole, removable latex, memory foam, and cork footbed, with colors and patterns to spare, including Friends White, Froggie Sue Black, Navy Sew Hope, and of course black and white. Sold on this shoe? Check out to save around 43% on the Alegria Women’s Donna Clog.

You can’t have a list of the best nursing shoes for women without featuring the Alegria clog. To say they have a cult following is an understatement. I’ve met women who have worn Alegria nursing shoes exclusively for years and have multiple pairs they will rotate for their nursing shifts. Some diehard have even bought Alegria sandals to wear at home. If you’ll wear the shoes at home, I’d say that easily makes you content with the best nursing shoes for women.

We also featured the Alegria Clog as the most comfortable shoes for nurses.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog

crocs Women's Mercy Clog, Black/Black, 9 M US
Check Price

Crocs are one of the leaders when it comes to shoes for nurses. Say what you will about their style, but their legacy in the world of comfortable shoes is nothing to mess with. Crocs nursing shoes offer lightweight and comfortable shoes that don’t put pressure on your feet, hips, and spine. Crocs clogs are durable, stain-resistant, and feature the Croslite material. As for the outsole, it is made from slip-resistant material. These clogs come with footbeds that contribute to the arch support. They are very comfortable to wear during a long working day and not feel any foot or back pain. In the end, these clogs come in many colors and styles such as black with a silver flower motif at the top of the foot, white with the same motif, ordinary black, and white. This is a great choice for nursing schools that require black nursing shoes.

Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog

Anywear Women's Exact-W, Navy Swirl, 7 M US
Check Price

This clog is made of lightweight and flexible compound materials. They come with a 1.25-inch heel with a slip-resistant rubber outsole. The insole is removable making the cleaning and washing of the clog much easier.

Cherokee Women’s Exact clogs are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Speaking of the rating they are quite popular among customers. About 250 customers have left reviews on these clogs and the resulting rating is 4.1.

Dickies Uniforms Women’s Conquest Axiom Leather Clog

Dickies Footwear Conquest Women's Axiom Leather Clog Embossed White 6 M US
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The Dickies Uniforms Women’s Conquest Axiom Leather Clog is a beautifully designed piece of nursing footwear. It is made of premium leather with patterns and details as well as a moisture absorbing lining material. Rather than being a completely closed clog, it does include a swiveled and adjustable back strap. The insole is soft and anatomical, and the sole is slip-resistant. The midsole is made of lightweight material. I appreciate the heel strap on these shoes, as I’ve been known to throw a shoe off while running down the hallway to get to a code. These leather nursing clogs are stylish and super comfortable and pair well with Dickies scrubs.

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

Sanita Celina White in Patent Leather
Check Price

Sanita is a renowned Danish company and is known for its white nursing shoes. Celina clogs are one of those and they come with such features as:

  • Anatomically shaped foot-bed
  • Oil and slip-resistant as well as anti-shock and anti-static manmade soles
  • Other colors besides white are also available: black, brown, green/black, blue/black

Sanita clogs are officially certified and qualify for long-term use and a high level of foot support and are considered some of the most supportive shoes. If you’re interested in Sanita nursing clogs we recommend that you check out our full post about Sanita nursing shoes as well as our post on Sanita Vs Dankso.

Klogs USA Women’s Mission Mule

Klogs USA Women's Mission, Black Tooled, 9 M US
Check Price

This shoe is frequently rated as one of the best shoes by nurses and currently has 4.7 stars. It is available in leather and a choice of different patterns and colors. Designed to be comfortable and stylish, the Klogs USA Women’s Mission Mule is available on Amazon for as low as $69.

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Clog

Best Clogs for Nurses - 41Zquq32NHL
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These shoes come with special anti-fatigue technology which means you will have ideal foot shock absorption and all-day foot, leg, and back support. Other benefits to Timberland Pro Clog include the safe-grip slip-resistant sole that will eliminate slippage and the heel-to-toe rocker design which will decrease foot pressure. Due to the design and premium material that these professional clogs are made of you can be sure about their long-term comfort and use. Although these shoes were discontinued, they continue to be highly sought after. You can often find them on Amazon or eBay. You can read more about these shoes in our post about Timberland nursing shoes.

These are our best clogs for nurses. Which pair do you love?

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