Great Gift Ideas for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing Instructors

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Finding gift ideas for nurses is pretty simple. For the most part, we like everything. However, if you want to be sure it’s something useful for a nurse, this post has some great useful gift ideas for nurses.

If there is a nurse in your life that you’d like to honor by gifting with a small token of your appreciation, there are several great and inexpensive items that any nurse would flip over. Whether it’s your mother, wife, sister, co-worker, or caregiver, there are some gifts that almost any nurse would love. These suggestions would work well for any practicing nurse, nursing student, or nursing instructor. And we can’t forget those male nurses in your life. I’ve even thrown in a few ideas for gifts that any manly enough for any profession.

 Great Gift Ideas for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing Instructors

Gift Ideas for Nurses

Personalized Pens

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A personalized pen is a great gift for many reasons. First and foremost, we’re always needing a pen. In addition, a pen customized with your name is far less likely to get carried off by a doctor or another nurse. They also receive many compliments and are a nice daily reminder that someone thought highly enough of you to have something made specifically for you.

Personalized Tumblers

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Travel tumblers, cups, and mugs are always great gifts for nurses and students. Since most hospitals have very specific policies about food and drink. Nurses are constantly shuffling back and forth to patient rooms and often do not take regular breaks. Having a drink nearby to stay hydrated is vital to maintaining good health as a nurse. And, hey, we’ve got to have some way to fill that limitless bladder we’re supposed to be blessed with.

Of course, personalizing these is also another way to show that nurse that you care and give him or her a frequent reminder that you care.

Try this Personalized Travel Tumbler with a straw.

Lunch Box or Bag

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Since most nurses don’t have the luxury of leaving the hospital or clinic to grab lunch, many often brown bag it. A lunch box is often not something nurses think to buy for themselves, but we love it when they are gifted to us. I would personally love to have a Collectible Pez DOCTOR NURSE Metal Lunchbox & Thermos but nurses on the more conservative side may favor something more along the lines of a floral Print Insulated School Lunch Tote Bag Box.

Again, personalization always adds a little extra something-something to a gift like this.

Badge Holder or Lanyard

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A quality badge holder or lanyard is always a welcome addition to any nurse’s uniform. Although these items can be difficult to buy because there is such variety, if you pick an elegant and classic style, any nurse would flip over it. A great choice is Silver Spring Badge Reel Necklace. Or if you are looking for something a little more fun and whimsical, then Prestige Medical Yellow Rubber Duck Nurse Retractable Badge Holder with Bulldog Clip might be a worthy item for consideration.

Of course, if you’re looking for a gift for a male nurse, something a little more masculine and perhaps even sports-themed may be in line. Pittsburgh Steelers Retractable Badge Holder or maybe Georgia Bulldogs Lanyard, Key and Badge Holder, of course, you should probably investigate which sports team said nurse follows, otherwise, this gift idea could really backfire.

Check out more great badges in 9 Designer ID Badge Reels for Nurses that Rock.

Watch and Timepieces

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Even though almost everyone has a smartphone, and there are always clocks around, there is just something very comforting and convenient about wearing a regular, old-fashion, wristwatch. Not to mention the added flair a cute watch can give to an otherwise boring scrub set.

Check out Whimsical Watches Unisex Nurse White Leather Watch. Even though it says “unisex”, I can’t say I know too many male nurses who’d be thrilled about this one. You may want to stick with something a little more traditional, like Timex Men’s T45171 Expedition Analog and Digital Combo Watch for that male nurse in your life.

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Gift Cards

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If you just can’t decide on what to get for that nurse in your life, then you just can’t go wrong with a Gift Card. Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, or Outback Steakhouse Gift Cards are all great ideas and would be well received by almost any nurse. Actually, everyone loves gift cards, so this suggestion will work for pretty much anyone you know.

Can I Buy My Nurse a Gift?

I want to stress to anyone who reads this page, that nurses never expect to receive any gifts or compensation above our normal pay grade. You should not ever feel obligated to buy a nurse anything. We are honored to care for you and you should never feel like you have to do anything for us in return. However, if you are a patient or family member and are wanting to give a gift to a nurse who has made a special impact in your life, you should know that most hospitals have a limit on the value of an item a nurse can receive. This limit is usually around $25. If you feel an overwhelming desire to give a nurse a gift, please check with the hospital administration to ensure that the nurse can ethically take the item you can thoughtfully and selflessly pick for him or her.

Nurses, this is your chance to sound off. What nursing-themed gift really knocked your socks off? Was it from a patient, family member, or friend? Do you enjoy receiving nursing-related items as gifts? Enquiring minds, and Google, for that matter, want to know!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for nurses or nerds in your life, you can take a look at personalized gifts for nurses, cute and original gifts for nurses, and Christmas gifts for nurses

What do you think is a great gift for a nurse?

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5 thoughts on “Great Gift Ideas for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing Instructors”

  1. When I graduated from nursing school, my boyfriend’s mother gave me a necklace with a beautiful RN charm. This was especially meaningful to me as she was an RN herself.

  2. I’m pretty sure it was you that shared the CharMED stethoscope bling around Christmas time. THANK YOU 🙂 They made for perfect “secret Santa” gifts…. and there is always something new to pick up !

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