Historic Military Nursing Propaganda Images

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Historic Military Nursing Propaganda Images

Our nation was founded on the backs of great men and women. Whether we’re celebrating Independence Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, we should look back and honor our rich history and the nurses that were involved in it. From  Clara Barton founding the Red Cross due to her service during the war to Walt Whitman serving as a wartime nurse during the Civil War, fearless nurses have helped to build our great nation.

Thank you to Nurses in the Military

Many nurses have been members of the military and we want to honor their commitment to serve not only their patients but also the United States of America. So let’s take a moment to remember our nurses that have served or are currently serving. They take care of the men and women who are taking care of us.

Thank You to Our Military

To the men and women who serve as military nurses, whether you be Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Core: Thank you for doing what you do! We won’t hold it against you that you’re not ALL nurses.

In celebration of our many great American holidays that stand for freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, please enjoy these beautiful examples of nursing military posters and wartime propaganda.

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Nursing Miltary Posters and Wartime Propaganda

Become a Nurse Your Country Needs You American Patriotic War Military

Nurses,needed now,service,recruitment,Army Corps,World War 1944

You Are Needed Now Join the Army Nurse Corps WWII War Propaganda Art

WORLD WAR II RED CROSS. Your Red Cross Needs You. American World War

Nurses are Needed Now



Although the following aren’t historic, or posters, they are certainly military. I ran across them when looking for patriotic nursing images and thought they were just awesome. I almost want to get them for my office. I am not a member of the military, but there is something fantastic and spectacular about these “dolls.”

G I Joe Vietnam Nurse GI Joe Vietnam Nurse (Female African American Version)

And last, but certainly not least, here is a beautiful memorial to military nurses.

Memorial Statues to Vietnam War Women Nurse

I’ve always found the nursing military posters from the 2 world wars to be beautiful and timeless. These The women depicted in the military posters appear so bold and strong, almost like stone ladies frozen in time forever protecting our country.
As you may remember, nursing has its roots in the battlefield. The many progressions in the nursing profession have helped to improve the lives and deaths of nurses caring for wounded soldiers. Florence Nightingale herself gained most of her insight while taking care of the injured of the Crimean war.
So to all the “ladies (and gents) with lamps” who have proudly served in the military, we thank for your service.
To the nurses who are taking care of our veterans, we thank you.
And to those nurses who are working taking care of everyone else, thank you for again sacrificing your time with your family.

Share Your Memories and Honor Military Friends

If you have a military friend or family member you would like to honor, please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts about them in the comments below. Whether they were a nurse or just a dedicated service man/woman, it would be an honor for you to share your memories here.
For more on nurse history, check out Nurse Symbols: The Origins and the History.



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  1. my brother in law Augustine Emeka Onyembi,who just graduated the RN program with honours and is presently in boot camp in Oklahoma. We,your family in Nigeria love you loads.

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