The Nerdy Nurse Holiday Gift Guide 2011

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We’re excited to be able to offer a means for consumers and business to connect via The Nerdy Nurse. If your product or service fits in the real of Nursing, Healthcare, Parenting, Toddlers, Technology, Gadgets, Household, then we are interested in working with you! Do you think your product or service would appeal to our audience even though it may be a little off our typical beaten path? Well shoot us a pitch anyways. The worse we can do is say no, right?

Who know’s you may help to enlighten us all to something spectacular and wonderful that we’d never know about otherwise! So go ahead, take a few moments to let us know why you need to be part of our gift guide this year. We want to know the next big thing before it becomes the next big thing. And hey if you are huge already, we want to help you spread more joy. We’re interested in helping consumers connect with products and services to improve their lives.

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