How to Pass Nursing School: Ace Your Nursing Test Questions

You completed your nursing school requirements and lined up your nurse scholarships, and have even started shopping for nursing school supplies. Congratulations. Now comes the hard part.

Follow these tips and steps to pass your nursing test questions.

How to Pass Nursing School

If you haven’t discovered it already, the nursing school has some of the most demanding tests you’ve ever experienced. There are so many monotonous things to memorize – and all at once, from lots of different classes.

But they are all worth it in the end. Soon, you’ll be using this knowledge to help a sick child or someone’s grandparent.

While you are in the thick of it, how do you pass a nursing test?

I have some effective tips for nursing school. Follow these steps and you’ll know how to pass nursing school exams – from the first one to the very last one.

1. Budget Plenty of Study Time

Studying for nursing tests takes time. You need to plan for study time. This might be easier said than done if you are in school while working full time to pay for it. But if you don’t find time to study, you are less likely to do well on the test.

Lots of nurses recall spending at least 4 hours studying for each test. Plan ahead and give yourself time to really understand the material.

And don’t think you are locked into studying at your desk all the time. Changing your location, and finding what works best for you may help. So try out some different places to study and find one that works best.

2. Find Some Example Nursing Questions

No matter what class or test you are taking, you’ll be able to find some example questions online. Just search for “class name example questions.”

Finding a practice test will prepare you for the real thing. Take one and notice where your weaknesses are and refresh your memory on those.

Take a look at any study guides you have as well and make sure you are able to rehash everything on them.

3. Use A Study Group

For some people, studying in a group is extremely helpful. You are able to quiz each other, and if you aren’t quite understanding something, they can help you out.

Ask around in your classes and see if there is a group you can join.

Thanks to social media, there are also lots of online study groups. Facebook groups is a really popular option.

4. Study With Your Learning Style

This is my favorite tip of all. You have to know your learning style and really focus on studying with it.

Here are some ideas of how to study with the various learning styles:

  • Visual – Use color-coded notes to visualize them so they are easier to memorize. Graphs, charts, and images are also fantastic for visual learners.
  • Auditory – Listen to podcasts. Record yourself saying the facts you have to learn and listen to them again and again.
  • Read & Write – This one is simple, read and re-read and then write your notes over and over again until you memorized it.
  • Kinesthetic  – Imagine yourself doing the actions, make them realistic. If you learn by doing, you could even create signs or other gestures that go with certain facts so you can memorize them better.

These are just a few ideas. Try lots of different things until you find something that really helps the facts click and stick.

5. Put Facts On Repeat

The more you read, write, and/or hear something, the more likely you are to memorize them. Find a way that puts the facts on repeat in your brain. Put the words to a song (like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”). Or just re-read flashcards until you get them all memorized.

6. Create Mnemonic Devices

All nurses know the joy of mnemonic devices. I wrote about my favorite mnemonic devices before. Either find some that others found easy, or don’t be afraid to create your own.

info and nursing school and nclex study resources at

Everyone uses them because they work. They are especially helpful with pharmacology for nurses.

7. Make the Facts Relatable

Nursing school facts can seem so dry and difficult to remember. Another fantastic way to remember them is to create real-life situations you might use them in.

If you are learning pharmacology, think about instances where you might have to do a conversion or discover medicine that interacts with something else.

8. Use An NCLEX Practice Test Question Bank

The NCLEX is the big test. The one that decides if all your studying will be rewarded with a certificate, or you’ll have to retake it.

I’m a huge advocate of practice tests. By taking a practice test, you know which areas you need to study more. It helps you focus your study time and make it more effective.

Our favorite resource for NCLEX practices questions is Nursing Student Academy. In fact, they are our favorite nursing school study resource and the best NCLEX review and prep resource. Since NCLEX questions should mirror your nursing school test question, using NRSNG from day one in nursing school will make your life much easier. You can find more information about their NCLEX and nursing school practice questions here.

Get Nursing Student Academy

That’s it! I know there are lots of other tips and tricks for passing nursing school tests. Do what works for you and above all, reward yourself when you pass! You are well on your way to a very rewarding career.

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