Left-Handed Nursing Scissors For Precise Cuts

Regular nursing scissors don’t work for left-handed nurses. Check out these left-handed nursing scissors to solve all your cutting frustrations.

Like EMTs, nurses always need to be prepared for any situation. To help with that, there are specific tools and accessories that nurses must always have on hand.
In addition to comfortable shoes, nurses also need a dependable stethoscope, a watch with a second hand, a clipboard, and a great fanny pack to hold everything! And there’s one more must-have for nurses: scissors.

Every nurse needs a tough pair of scissors with them at all times because from the routine bandage and suture removals to emergency clothing removal (and every situation in between), there’s always a need for a reliable (and safe) cutting tool.

Unfortunately, left-handed nurses aren’t able to use ‘regular’ nursing scissors. Instead, they need a special pair of left-handed nursing scissors.

Why are left-handed scissors necessary for nurses?

When a right-handed person uses right-handed scissors, the pressure from the fingers pushes the blades together, cutting the material between them. But when a left-handed person tries to use right-handed scissors, the pressure from the fingers forces the blades apart causing them to not cut well.

Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed so that when a left-handed person uses them, the blades open and close smoothly and cut material accurately.

As a left-handed nurse, it’s essential to use left-handed scissors for several reasons. These scissors:

  • Allow you to make more accurate cuts
  • Help avoid injuries
  • Cutaway bandages and dressings more easily
  • Provide better control when cutting, reducing infection risk
  • Make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Allow left-handed nurses to provide a higher level of patient care

Are there different types of left-handed nursing scissors?

There are many types of scissors that medical professionals use. However, nurses and other medical and emergency professionals often use Lister scissors (also called nurse scissors or bandage scissors). 

These are specially designed scissors with angled jaws (and slightly longer lower jaw) and a blade with a dull tip to offer the ability to cut through a variety of tough materials without injuring the patient. 

Bandage Scissors vs. Trauma Shears

Many people use these two terms interchangeably to refer to nursing scissors. Although they have overlapping uses, they aren’t exactly the same thing.

Bandage scissors are usually smaller and fully constructed from stainless steel. They’re most effective for precision cuts and cutting bandaging.

Trauma scissors, on the other hand, are larger and stronger so they can cut through tough materials (ex: a leather jacket).

Nurses in nearly every department use bandage scissors. But fewer nurses will have the need for trauma shears, although if you work in the ER, they will likely come in handy.

How To Choose The Best Pair Of Left-Handed Nurse Scissors

If you’re shopping for left-handed nursing scissors, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size – large enough to grip comfortably but not too large.
  • Blade shape – straight blades are better for general use and curved blades are ideal for precision cutting and work around patient bandages.
  • Handle – if you do a lot of cutting, opt for ergonomic handles to reduce fatigue.
  • Autoclavable – some nursing scissors are able to go into an autoclave, which is a machine that uses direct steam under pressure to kill viruses, bacteria, and other germs to sterilize the scissors.
  • Fluoride coating – nursing scissors with a fluoride coating are nonstick.

Best Left-Handed Nursing Scissors

Ok, now that you know a little more about left-handed scissors and what to look for in a pair that’s a great fit for you, here are some of the best options available on the market.

1. Prestige Medical Left Handed Bandage Scissors

Left-Handed Nursing Scissors For Precise Cuts - 31uSBRsG0bL. SL500

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Let’s begin with a very basic pair of nursing scissors. This pair of left-handing bandage scissors is entirely made of stainless steel. On the small side, these 5.5” scissors will fit in your scrubs pocket and are perfect for cutting bandages and making small, precise cuts.

2. Left-Handed Comfort Grip Scissors

Left-Handed Nursing Scissors For Precise Cuts - 31t05 h8MeL. SL500

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Measuring 7.5”, these left-handed nursing scissors are larger and feature powder-coated handles for a comfortable grip that will reduce fatigue as you spend the day cutting through things.

3. Premium Bandage Scissors for Nurses

Left-Handed Nursing Scissors For Precise Cuts - 41FoR8hrKDS. SL500

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These scissors are also 7.5” to give you plenty of power and reach without being too big and bulky. The blades are titanium-coated for clean, precise cuts, and the handles are ergonomic to reduce hand fatigue.

4. Personalized Left-Handed Nursing Scissors

Left-Handed Nursing Scissors For Precise Cuts
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Here’s a great gift idea for your favorite left-handed nurse! Customize these bandage scissors with their name so that they never lose their new favorite pair of scissors. The sharp blades are made from surgical-grade stainless steel to provide a high-quality product that will last for many years.

Left-handed nurses often struggle to use right-handed scissors, but now they can use left-handed scissors to make cutting tasks easier, more precise, and safer for the patient.

If you know a nurse (or are one) who needs a pair of left-handed nursing scissors, I hope this list takes the challenge out of finding a pair!

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  1. I’m left handed, but use my right hand to cut with scissors. I think it’s because my parents taught me how to cut and they are right handed. I never noticed until someone brought it up.

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