Doctor and Nurse Costumes that Aren’t Totally Inappropriate

These doctor and nurse costumes are fun, creative, modest, and appropriate. Browse ideas for both adults and children.

Rethink your Halloween costumes. There are so many more ways to dress up as doctors and nurses without using the “sexy nurse” idea. It can be tough to think beyond the sexy nurse and doctor thing – especially when all the search results for “nurse costumes” come up with miniskirts and low-cut necklines. I browsed all the ideas out there and found the best and most appropriate nurse and doctor costumes for adults and kids.

Doctor and Nurse Costumes that Aren’t Totally Inappropriate. These doctor and nurse costumes are fun, creative, modest, and appropriate. Browse ideas for both adults and children. #thenerdynurse #nurse #nurses #doctor #Halloween #costume #nursecostume #doctorcostume

Doctor and Nurse Costumes For Adults

Trying to find a doctor and nurse Halloween costume that is respectful can be kinda tough. I’m taking all the hard work out of it and giving you links to the most fun and appropriate costumes for adults. Beyond sexy, think more in the realm of scary, creative, and even funny. Here are my top picks!

Funny Nurse Halloween Costumes

Want a way to put together a costume without thinking about it? Wear a funny Halloween t-shirt. This is a really funny one that proclaims nothing can scare you – you are a nurse!

Add some devil horns on top of your head, black pants, and this funny t-shirt and you have one of the easiest Halloween costumes yet! This is perfect for school nurses everywhere.

An appropriate nurse Halloween costume that you can wear anywhere is a pair of scrubs and some crocs. Whether you are volunteering at a Halloween event or taking kids trick or treating, wearing your scrubs might seem boring to you, but it’s fun for your kids! Add some makeup and a silly hairdo (like pigtails) to make it more imaginative.

Historic Adult Nurse Halloween Costumes

Skip the sexy trope and go for a real-life adult nurse costume like nurses in history.

This retro nurse costume is from the 1950s and even comes with the iconic red cross hat.

You can also go way back in time and dress up as Florence Nightingale. This costume comes with a dress that is ankle-length and long sleeves.

Fun Shack Florence Nightingale Costume Women, Civil War Nurse Costume Women, Nurse Apron Costume, Vintage Nurse Uniform, Small

If pop culture is something you enjoy, dress up as Elle Driver from Kill Bill.

Scary Doctor Costume

There are lots of ways that you can make a doctor costume pretty creepy – you just need makeup and a few ideas.

Bloody zombie doctors are always a popular choice. Blood splatters on the white lab coat add the perfect creepy touch.

Another way to add some fright to the doctor’s costume is to buy one that looks like it shows bloody body parts. This Scary ER doctor costume looks like his ribs are showing – and his mask his blood on it, for a nice detail.

Finally, probably one of the scariest doctor Halloween costumes is dressing up as a plague doctor, complete with the long white beak-nosed mask. This costume just screams death and fear.

Plague Doctor Costume for Adults Black Death Doctor Costume Large

Doctor and Nurse Costumes For Kids

Kids love dressing up at careers they want to be when they grow up. Capture their imagination and love for caring for others with a doctor or nurse costume that looks just like the real thing.

Wizland Child Role Play Costumes,Doctor Dress Up Playset Kits for Kids XS 3-5yrs

Doctor Dress Up

Encourage your child to find a doctor costume that looks just like doctors in real life. A typical doctor outfit consists of:

  • White Lab Coat
  • Nice Slacks
  • Button-Up Shirt
  • Stethoscope

There are lots of costumes for kids that look like real-life doctors, and they are adorable! This one comes with blue scrubs and a fake stethoscope.

Another idea for kids is to dress up in a surgeon costume. These are so cute! A surgeon costume like this one comes in green, blue, or 11 other colors of scrubs and comes with a mask and a matching surgical cap.

Toddler Doctor Costume

Little toddlers dressed up as doctors are so cute! Find a toddler costume that also includes props they can play with well after Halloween is over.

PREXTEX Kids Doctor Halloween Costume for Toddler Girls and Boys Surgeon Scrubs Set and Accessories for Best Child Dr Costumes

Even better, dress your toddler up in doctor pajamas – talk about being comfy all Halloween night! Then, they can go straight to bed afterward.

Nurse Dress Costume

A really cute nurse Halloween costume for kids is to dress up like nurses from the 1960s, with those white dresses.

This cute toddler nurse costume comes with the white cap from the 1960’s.

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If you want to think more historic, buy this WW1 nurse costume – the dress is ankle length and comes with the traditional head covering.

Final Thoughts

Dressing up like a nurse or a doctor doesn’t have to be sexy. There are lots of ways you can dress up that are historic, witty, and even a little creepy. Take these ideas and keep looking until you find that perfect costume for you or your kids.

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