Easy Halloween Costumes for Nurses at Work

Dress up for Halloween at work as a nurse. These easy Halloween costumes for nurses are work-safe, not scary, and really fun!

Easy Halloween Costumes For Nurses At Work

Stuck on what to do for Halloween because you have to work? I have all the best ideas just for you! These Halloween costumes are simple – won’t take long to get ready in the morning. They are also funny, witty, and won’t scare any of the patients (totally work-appropriate).

As always, ask your employer what kinds of costumes are appropriate on Halloween so that you follow their dress code guidelines. After you know the rules, browse this list and pick out your next Halloween costume.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Nurses at Work. Dress up for Halloween at work as a nurse. These easy Halloween costumes for nurses are work-safe, not scary, and really fun! #thenerdynurse #nurse #nurses #halloween #nursecostume #scrubcostume

Easy Halloween Costumes With Scrubs

The easiest way to do a costume is to use your scrubs as part of the costume. This is also a really good idea if your workplace has strict dress codes.

Here are some things you can do with scrubs to turn them into a creative Halloween costume.

  • Orange Is The New Black – Wear all orange or beige scrubs. Do your hair and makeup to look like the characters from the show.
  • Fall Risk – Wear orange scrubs. Pin the word “Risk” on your top. Attach leaves to your hair and scrubs. Now you are a fall risk!
  • Rosy The RiveterWear navy blue scrubs, red lipstick, and a red bandana. Don’t forget to flex your muscles!

Halloween Costumes for Pediatric Nurses

If you work a lot with kids, then your costumes should be whimsical and you should wear something they will recognize. Here are some kid-friendly Halloween costumes for nurses.

  • Super Hero – There are lots of scrubs with superhero logos on them. Wear your favorite superhero scrubs and then just add a mask and cape. You can add a superhero decal to your scrub top for the day. For example, put Batman’s logo on your grey scrub top and wear a black cape and batman mask.
  • AnimalThis is really easy and fun! Wear an animal-ear headband and do your makeup to look like that animal. Add a cute little bowtie for a finishing touch.
  • Operation GameAttach large game pieces to your grey or beige scrubs. Kids will love trying to figure out what each piece is.
  • MinionYou can wear goggles on your head like a minion. Yellow top and blue bottoms – this will look similar to the movie.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Nursing Students

Nursing students, you are on a tight budget. These ideas are made with things you already have around the house and are easy to pull off with your current scrubs.

  • Hats and Headbands – Wear a themed headband or hat with your scrubs. It might not be an entire costume, but it adds a fun flair to your normal wardrobe choice.
  • Decades – Do your hair and makeup to look like a specific decade. This is really easy to use things from around your home.
  • Pirate All you need for this costume is a scarf for your head, some beads for your hair, and a brown pirate vest. You can choose a scarf or you can buy a pirate’s hat.

Funny Halloween Costumes For Nurses

Have fun at work with these funny Halloween costume ideas! Some are punny, some are just totally clever.

  • Snow White and 7 Dwarves – This is a shift group costume! One person can be Snow White with a yellow scrub top and blue scrub bottoms and headband. The other 7 nurses all wear the same colored tops with a different dwarf name on their shirt.
  • Spelling Bee – This is a very “punny” idea. Add black stripes to your yellow scrubs by using tape. Then, tape words all over your scrubs. Don’t forget the antenna headband!
  • Smarty Pants – This is another play on words – attach smarties to your scrub pants. You are now smarty pants!
  • Alice in Wonderland – Dress up with another nurse as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. To dress up as the white rabbit, just use white rabbit ears headband, white scrubs, and a clock around your neck.
  • Granny/Grandpa – Use makeup and reading glasses to dress up as an older version of yourself.

Halloween Costumes For Nurses

To keep your Halloween costumes safe for work, avoid anything too scary or grotesque. Think of things that are funny, playful, and won’t be too uncomfortable to work in all day. The best things to dress up as will use your scrubs as part of the costume. Above all, have fun!

More Nurse-Life Ideas

If you enjoyed these easy Halloween costumes for nurses at work, then you will enjoy these other nurse-life tips and ideas.

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