How to Get ACLS Certified – Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification

All health care professionals should have a current advanced cardiac life support certification. Keep reading and learn how to get ACLS certified.

Which specialty are you looking at making your career? Whether it’s working daily patient care as a nurse practitioner or giving meticulous attention as a labor and delivery nurse, there’s a big chance that you are going to need to be ACLS certified. Regardless of you are required to become ACLS certified, doing so can increase your confidence during a code, provide more flexibility in your career, and may even boost your pay. This guide will show you what you can expect with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification and how you can get ACLS certified online.

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What Is Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced cardiac life support is the act of managing life-threatening cardiac emergencies such as heart attack and stroke.

ACLS stands for advanced cardiac life support. It is aimed at training healthcare professionals for how to react and manage cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies.

BLS, or basic life support, teaches the more general life-saving techniques of CPR. ACLS goes beyond this and equips healthcare workers – like nurses – with the ability to respond appropriately to life-threatening emergencies.

ACLS Protocols Save Lives

Adhering to ACLS protocols has been proven to improve patient outcomes for patients that have a cardiac arrest while in the hospital. When these protocols are followed more correct actions are performed and fewer errors occur. In fact, the Association for Surgical Assistants states there “have bee decreased mortality rates have been directly linked to early access to providers of ACLS services.”

How do you ensure ACLS protocols are followed correctly for patients with cardiac arrest? You GET ACLS certified and you encourage EVERY nurse on your shift to do the same.

What An Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course Teaches

When you are looking for the best ACLS course, make sure the one you are taking is accredited and will count toward your continuing education credits.

You need an ACLS certification program that will cover all of the following information:

  • Identifying the major signs of a stroke
  • Recognizing VF and VT on the ECG
  • Understanding the essential elements of effective resuscitation team dynamics
  • Basic life support survey and ACLS secondary survey with critical actions
  • ACLS initial assessment and management recommendations in the ACLS algorithms
  • Knowing the 8Ds of stroke care including why timely action is crucial

Benefits of ACLS Certification

Some nursing specialties actually require ACLS certification. Even if the job you are going for doesn’t require it, you should still strongly consider obtaining it. This certification will equip you with the technical knowledge you need as a nurse to provide life-saving interventions during code. You’ll learn how to use advanced equipment and how to respond to critical emergencies.

Not only will this make you a better nurse, but you’ll face your job with confidence knowing that you are prepared for anything that could happen.

Best Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification

The most reliable and thorough certification is found on the When you complete a certification through CareerCert, you are learning the exact tools and processes you need to react properly to these life and death situations. My favorite part of the certification course is completely online.

This course is also accredited by the following agencies:

  • ADA
  • AMA
  • ANCC
  • CAPCE for emergency medical professionals

These accreditation’s allow you to earn up to eight hours of CEU/CME credit.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Recertification

As you know, technology in healthcare is always changing. It’s important to go back and get recertified so that you are familiar with the latest equipment. The recertification will also 4 CEU/CME credits that you need.

This course will have a different focus and teach new concepts that might have changed since you last certified.

ACLS’s best practices are constantly changing. It’s so important to update your certification so that you know how to use the best methods and technologies for saving lives in a cardiac emergency.

Obtaining this certification online is the easiest way to go about it. You are able to stay safest while you are home and you don’t have to worry about finding a location near you.

ACLS Certification Promo Code

If you are ready to get your ACLS certification, head over to and use Promo Code NERDY10 to save 10%.

Final Thoughts

No matter which job or specialty you want to go after in healthcare, this course will give you credibility and the knowledge that you need to save lives. If you are looking for an online course, make sure you find one that is accredited so that you know it’s legit. When you wonder how to get ACLS certified, the best place to look is the accredited medical organizations.

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  1. Patricia A VandenBos

    Do I have to be an RN to obtain this? I am a 9 year LPN working in an Urgent Care and cardiac is a huge part of our visits. I know as an LPN it is out of my scope to push meds, but I do EKGs, IV starts as well as I do all hook ups for event and holter monitors.

    I would be very interested in this course.

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