Super Cute Nurse Cakes from Pinterest

There are many celebrations and occasions that justify having an awesome cake. There are also some awesome nurse cakes if you do some looking. Here are a few reasons why a cake is needed:

  • Getting accepted into Nursing School
  • Graduating from Nursing School
  • Getting your first nursing job
  • Getting a promotion into an administrative nursing job
  • Coming off a 5 day stretch of 12 hours shifts

    Okay… so the last one may have been a little much, but there are still plenty of awesome reasons to have a nurse themed cake.

Super Cute Nurse Cakes from Pinterest

imageThis adorable cake features a classic nurse hat with bandages, meds, a stethoscope and electrocardiogram tracing around the bottom layer.

imageAs a nurse, you are going to spend a lot of your time in scrubs. Why not celebrate your accomplishment with an adorable scrub top cake.

imageI love the extra details with the prescription pad, syringe, and badge.

imageThere’s that electrocardiogram tracing that I like so much.

imageI adore the note with the personalized message to the one getting this cake.

imageShow off your favorite nurse with an edible version of her sitting on the cake. Now that I’ve typed that, maybe you shouldn’t eat the nurse. Either way, this cake is adorable.

imageA simple cake with a scrub top, stethoscope, and a bandage. The perfect birthday cake for anyone you work with.

imageThese scrubs make an adorable two tiered cake. The addition of a real looking badge just adds to the overall design of the cake.

imageAs a nurse, I love my clipboard. So I love the addition of the clipboard to this adorable cake.

imageA fairly simple cake design is dressed up with the cupcakes. I love the cupcake toppers.

imageA throwback cake to when nurses wore dresses. The watch and pen in the pocket are a great touch.

imageThis cake is a little more simple than the rest but still perfectly suits any nurse.

Have you ever been given an awesome nursing cake? Or do you know where we can see more awesome cakes for nurses? Sound off in the comments below!

Oh and if you’re looking for more awesome nurse pins, be sure to follow my “Being a Nurse” board on Pinterest!

Make your own Cake

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Super Cute Nurse Cakes from Pinterest - 41EZ8YLzAWL

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