10 Funny Nurse Mugs You Totally Need In Your Life

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Nurses love coffee almost as much as the Gilmore Girls. Although funny nurse coffee mugs likely wouldn’t be suitable to sit at a nurse’s station (don’t want to get pinged for a drink without a lid), I’m sure most nurses would be able to find them a suitable home. I don’t drink a ton of coffee, but would love to fill up any one of these mugs with hot tea!

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10 Funny Nurse Mugs You Totally Need In Your Life

Funny Nurse Mugs

Nurse Nutritional Facts Mug

Nurses are many things. Chief among those is being incredibly hard working. This mug has it right displaying that the nutritional value of a nurse is 000% hard working. Of course, sleep is at 0%, which we nee to work on in. A tired nurse is a dangerous nurse. Staying awake on night shift is super hard, but even harder when you don’t get enough sleep. Let’s home the next version of this mug has a little more sleep! Get yours.

The Original Prescription Mug – BigMount Inc.

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, er, I mean coffee. This funny nurse coffee mug is perfect for a nurse who is never without their coffee. It’s a total bonus that it actually looks like a prescription bottle. Pick one up.

The Prescription Nurse Coffee Mug

Perhaps your fever doesn’t require the flare of a bright orange pill bottle. This RX label confirms that coffee is the cure for “way-too-early.” Of course, when you need to be alert Dr. Waki Now is certainly a trusted provider. Get the perfect container for your black gold.

Badass Life Saver Nurse Mug

funny nurse mug

Job titles are really irrelevant don’t you think? Nurses work hard doing hundreds of different tasks that on their own could give the title of therapist, dietician, secretary, transport, phlebotomist, and so many others. Honestly, if you look up badass life saver in the dictionary I’m pretty sure it will say “see nurse.”

Funny Nurse Stethoscope Coffee Mug, The Perfect Cool, Unique Gift! Printed on Both Sides!

Caffeine By Mouth Every 4 Hours When Necessary! What nurse doesn’t need a steady pick me up throughout their shift? This cup will remind you to take every 4 hours. The back of the mug features a stethoscope in the shape of a heart. Caffeine, fuels a nurses heart! This mug is perfect for every nurse who can’t be without her coffee.

Funny Mug -Keep Calm and Wait… Not That Calm Mug

The perfect funny nurse mugs are able to make everyone, nurse or not, laugh. This mug fits the bill. Nurses are know for their ability to keep calm in the midst of total chaos. Maybe because they are always saying keep calm and, wait! Not that calm. Get this mug on Amazon.

Funny Guy Mugs Be Nice I Could Be Your Nurse Some Day Ceramic Coffee Mug, White, 11-Ounce

The cardinal rule when dealing with nurses. Repeat after me, “always be nice to a nurse”! Always. Why you ask? Because she really could be your nurse someday. And needles come in sizes. This funny nurse mug can be found on Amazon and makes a great gift.

Funny You May Speak Now 11OZ Coffee Mug Novelty

We have all been there. First thing in the morning, no coffee in you yet, don’t even think about trying to talk to me. Half a cup, getting there but don’t expect more than a grunt in response. Almost empty cup, bring on the day, and now you may speak to me. This mug makes a great gift, not just for a nurse but for anyone who needs that one cup of coffee before they can function.

Please Don’t Confuse Your Google Search With My Nursing Degree – 11 OZ Funny Coffee Mugs

Ask any  nurse what they the most. I can promise you that most will say confusing a Google Search with a medical degree. Nurses will listen to what you think, but once you try and discount all that work and tears with a Google search, they want to show you this funny mug and then walk away.

Nurse Appreciation Gifts Love Being a Nurse Right After Coffee Gift Coffee Mug Tea Cup White

I don’t know about you, but I need some coffee before I can really start to function for the day. Being a nurse is a great job. It is one that I love. But I love it even more right after I have had my coffee. This mug is perfect for anyone that loves their job, just as soon as they are awake.

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