17 Stethoscope Accessories Nurses Will Love

Nurses and stethoscopes go together like peas and carrots. Since every nurse is unique, and there are only so many styles of stethoscopes available, it’s easy to understand why many nurses want to jazz them up with unique and interesting stethoscope accessories or stethoscope covers.

Since most hospitals have very strict uniform policies, with solid colored scrubs, there isn’t often much room for self-expression. Something small and unique, like a badge reel, can give you a little something to express yourself while still abiding all your employer’s policies. Plus, if you work as a float nurse, traveler, or another area of nursing where you’re not always with the same group, you want to make super sure that your stethoscope is easily identifiable.

These stethoscope accessories are perfect for gifting, or just updating your own work wardrobe. As nurses, we all use the same tools every day depending on our specialty. That is why I like to show my personality and my creativity in the accessories I choose to bling-up my stethoscope. Etsy is truly full of adorable accessories that will let you upgrade the looks of your stethoscope and here are my favorite picks!

17 Stethoscope Accessories Nurses Will Love

Stethoscope ID Ring

Stethoscope ID Ring

This Stethoscope ID Ring is a beautiful custom addition to add to your daily wear stethoscope. Not only does it add a bit of bling, but it also personalizes it, so everyone knows it belongs to you.

CharMed Stethoscope Bling Charmsstethoscope charms

CharMed offer a variety of stethoscope charms that you can customize for your personal interests. We really like these blinged monogram charms. You can get 2 or 3 to spell out your initials so it’s super clear that it belongs to you when it decides to walk off on its own.

Stethoscope Wrap Cover

Stethoscope Wrap

Covering a plain stethoscope is easy with this Stethoscope Wrap Cover! These stethoscope wrap covers are available in multiple colors and styles.

Red Cat Stethoscope Sleeve from JennyWrensGifts

Red Cat Stethoscope Sleeve

For the nurse that loves cats, this is a super cute idea! This Red Cat Stethoscope Sleeve is an adorable idea.

Nurse Organizer Purse 

Nurse Organizer Purse

This cute purse is a great choice for a busy nurse to keep everything handy. The Nurse Organizer Purse can be customized with preferred colors and designs. You can put your stethoscope, pens, tape, and anything else you need handy.

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Laser Engraved Giraffe Print Stethoscope ID Tag from TrinketsByLisaT

Laser Engraved Giraffe Print Stethoscope ID Tag

This is such a fun stethoscope accessory and is personalized! The Laser Engraved Giraffe Print Stethoscope ID Tag is made truly beautiful by the use of Swarovski Crystals.

Personalized Medical Heart Nurse Name Tag from DestinationLtd

Personalized Medical Heart Nurse Name Tag
This Personalized Medical Heart Nurse Name Tag is an adorable blinged out addition to their stethoscope! A great accessory for nurses to gift to your favorite nurse this year!

Superman Stethoscope ID Tag from CuckooBoo

Superman Stethoscope ID

This Superman Stethoscope ID Tag is a great choice. I especially like it because the comic book character really speaks to the nerd in me.

Stethoscope Bag from BERGERBAGS

Stethoscope Bag

Everyone needs a bag to keep their tools for work in. This Stethoscope Bag for nurses is a great handy bag to toss you tools in!

Custom Resin Photo Stethoscope ID Tag

Custom Resin Photo Stethoscope ID Tag

Every nurse has someone special they think of throughout the day. This Custom Resin Photo Stethoscope ID Tag is a nice choice to carry those people a little closer to your heart every day while you work.

Stethoscope Flower ID Tag 

Stethoscope Flower ID Tag

I love this beautiful Stethoscope Flower ID Tag as a great addition to any nurse’s stethoscope. Beautiful and classic, it reflects the heart of the nurse that wears it.

Stethoscope Charm Personalized ID Tag 

Stethoscope Charm Personalized ID Tag

This Stethoscope Charm Personalized ID Tag is a great gift choice. They’ll think of you every time they take a blood pressure or auscultate for bowel sounds (in all four quadrants, of course).

Nurse Tool Belt Bag from ipopippo

Nurse Tool Belt Bag

This Nurse Tool Belt Bag is a fun way for any nurse to keep all of her tools together in a cute way. You’ll have everything you need in one convenient container.

Nurse Purse Medical Case from LoveAmarie

Nurse Purse Medical Case

The Nurse Purse Medical Case comes in a multitude of colors and designs so you can choose multiples to match your personality, the season or your scrubs!

Lotus Stethoscope Holder from NurseBorn

Lotus Stethoscope Holder

Carrying your stethoscope can be a real pain in the neck. It’s not good to keep in there. Every nurse needs a place to keep their stethoscope. Most go around you neck, but this Lotus Stethoscope Holder is a great choice for holding your stethoscope on your bag, waist or lab coat.

Stethoscope Earrings

Stethoscope Earrings

These Stethoscope Earrings are a super cute accessory to add to your daily wardrobe! While not for your stethoscope, it’s a great stethoscope accessory almost every nurse will love to have! (We even think some of the guys would dig these… maybe.)

Stethoscope Charm 

Stethoscope Charm

There are multiple choices in colors and styles with this simple beaded Stethoscope Charm that goes easily on any stethoscope!

While this list is by no means complete, I hope it gave you some interesting ideas of ways to spice up your nursing routine, or perhaps the routine of a nurse in your life.

What is your favorite stethoscope accessory?

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9 thoughts on “17 Stethoscope Accessories Nurses Will Love”

  1. I was dismayed to see this sort of advertising on NerdyNurse. It felt like the child of a cutesy student nurse catalog and Martha Stewart, with Alex and Ani as godmother. If the major purpose of carrying/wearing a stethoscope is to make it a personal fashion statement of your specialness (which was the explicit and overarching message), fine.

    It has always been my experience that students and new nurses are very weak in auscultation skills (using automatic BP cuffs all the time is one reason). However, if a stethoscope is to hear things, and be able to hear small things accurately and well, all that bead and dangly charms and crap on the tubing will, and does, interfere. And the cloth and textured covers that never get washed and can’t be alcowiped– can we say, “Fomites”?

    The stethoscope is a professional tool, and is widely accepted in the culture at large as a symbol of caring competence. I hate to see professionals dress it like a charm-covered middle-school backpack. Do we see physicians doing this stuff (outside of pediatrics)? What would you think if you took your mom to a new geriatrician and s/he came into the exam room with cute “bling” on the latest Littman Cardiology ‘scope? Off-putting much?

    New nurses combine this look with pajamas, erm, uh, cartoon scrubs and jellies with little charms in the holes, and look like they’re headed to a sleepover, and then wonder why families, patients, and physicians don’t treat them like professionals. Why might that be?

    Again, disappointed in your usually excellent blog this time around.

    1. Ellen A. Kast-Bibeault

      Maybe I should not be replying but Ms. Howland you did not need to read the post, look at the pictures or waste any of your time if you were not interested in this kind of thing. In the first couple of lines it stated;” Since every nurse is unique, and there are only so many styles of stethoscopes available, it’s easy to understand why many nurses want to jazz them up with unique and interesting stethoscope accessories, so it wasn’t like you were going to read about the latest high tech piece of apparatus!
      Your opinion of nursing students and new nurses is uncalled for. It’s nurses like you that prove that the statement “nurses eat their young” is sometimes every nurse is familiar with. I have worked with nurses with the long list of letters behind their name just like you and not know that a patient was in fluid overload! REALLY! I have seen experienced nurses RN,BSN, (whatever who couldn’t place a foley catheter into a patient BUT the new grad slid it right in. Before you go on about how crappy new nurses are, understand that you were new at one time and I am sure that you also had something about you that you liked being a little “jazzy”…hair color, headbands, or maybe even glasses. I’ve had several doctors remember me as “the nurse with braces.” Yes physicians have done this for quite sometime, maybe it has been sometime since you have actually been in an OR but take a look at the scrub hats, or in an office where ties are a norm and some doctors like to express themselves in that way, it does not make them less of a doctor! Get off the soapbox and if you don’t like the cute little accessories don’t wear them but please do not condemn those who do.
      You have a right to your opinion but come on, someone with the education that you have should know that you should never judge a book by it’s cover and if this is how you carry yourself, we feel sorry for you! Lighten up!

      To all those stylish nurses out there, :BLING ON!”

      1. This is not about me. However, since you ask, my first six years in practice was in critical care. I wore hospital-supplied green scrub dresses and then shirts/pants. When I covered in the PACU we did wear individually-chosen colored caps made by one of the staffers; when we were gowned, masked, and gloved it made it easier to instantly identify individuals at a glance. We had no such difficulty when our masks came off. Caps and ties are professional markers. Stethoscope charms are not.

        I can assure you that my plain cardiology stethoscope was quite good at hearing heart sounds, bruits, and the like; I recognized fluid overload and developing atelectasis/pneumonia with ease. I did not wear jewelry beyond my wedding band and one pair of tiny earrings. Somehow I never felt that I was not a valued and unique individual due to inability to accessorize. I dress professionally now, as my years at bedside and other care settings have led me to another way to be a nurse…where I can wear three pair of earrings, nice suits, and acrylics. These are appropriate here.

        You know that anecdote is not the singular of data, and like you I am entitled to my opinion. I do not paint all levels of new nurses with the middle schoolishness brush; you probably don’t intend to paint well-educated ones with yours. You have probably read Benner on progress from novice to expert, and surely you don’t yet appreciate that students and new nurses don’t yet possess physical assessment skills as good as nurses with long practice. Perhaps, though, when you have spent a longer career caring for elders (since the most frequent users of our services are older adults, of course) you will have a broader perspective on how they perceive and evaluate their caregivers. I can promise you will discover that being recognized for professionalism and expertise is more valuable than being “the nurse with braces.”

          1. I don’t know that. What is the source of your information?
            And more to the point, why would that make any difference?

  2. Stethoscope covers are rarely washed and become germ-carrying fomites the first time they drape across a patient’s skin or bed linens. At least you can alco-wipe plain tubing. So many nurses have a hard time hearing subtle breath sounds or heart sounds; blingy beads dangling on tubing makes for the wrong kind of adventitious sounds. When nurses, especially new ones, complain that they aren’t taken seriously for the professionals they wish to be, they should look in the mirror for these cutesy little things. Do you see physicians wearing little pictures of their loved ones, or crystals, or little caduceus danglies, or superman charms (this last marginally ok for pedi– only)? No, I didn’t think so.
    Frankly, I’m really surprised to see NN advocating or advertising this middle-school-charms-on-the-backpack equivalent to RNs or RN-wannabes. I would have a hard time taking my nurse seriously with them.

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