NCLEX Cruise & CEU Cruises for Nurses

UPDATE: They are currently not cruising, but you can access some great NCLEX study resources from including their NCLEX Practice Questions, Academy, Loads of Free NCLEX Cheat Sheets, and excellent books. You can also check out our guide on How to Pass the NCLEX with 75 Question in 1 attempt and our mega resources post with tons of great NCLEX questions. Even though they aren’t on a cruise ship, we’ve also rounded up some great places to study resources We will update this post when the next cruises are available.

In the meantime, you can get all the CEUS you need for a great price from

Get Unlimited Access to Nurse CEUs for $20 has an amazing deal for nursing CEUs! For just $19.99, you can get unlimited CEUs for a year. Or for $149.99, you can get unlimited CEUs for life! It’s the best value I’ve found on CEUS, so search no further and sign up now.

My friend Renee Thompson has solved a huge problem for nurses with her NCLEX cruise and CEU cruises for nurses.

I’ve been hearing about the study and CEU cruises for years, but frankly many of them I saw looked a bit sketchy. I had never met anyone who had been on one, nor did I know of any of the providers that were organizing them. I’m sure they provide a great value, but I just wanted something to convince me.

So when my friend Renee Thompson told me she and with Dr. Louise Jakubik would be organizing these nursing cruises, I was SO excited! These ladies are some of the most dynamic and impactful nursing thought leaders I know. Everything they create is awesome, provides incredible value, and their seminars always leave nurses feeling pumped.

I am confident that their NCLEX cruise and CEU cruises for nurses are going to be the best around, and you have the chance to experience that for yourself starting May 2016.

NCLEX Cruise

By the time you have completed 2 years of nursing school, you’re spent. You desperately need a vacation, but you also need to prepare for the NCLEX exam. Lucky for you, with the Cruise to NCLEX Success, you can have your cake and it eat too. In this case, have your cruise and study too!

Here’s something else to consider: Your first year as a nurse is going to be tough. If you haven’t sat down to think about all the change that will occur in your life, now might be an opportune time to do so. Nursing school does not give you a full toolbox to handle all the stress that comes along with being a new nurse. Thankfully, in addition to getting some sun and studying for the NCLEX, you’ll get practical tips to help you thrive during your first year as a nurse.

Cruise Through NClex Review

If the prospect of completing an NCLEX review course, while getting some much-needed rest and relation, sounds great to you, find out more about the Cruise to NCLEX Success. Just don’t forget to pack your bathing suit and flip flops, because this NCLEX review is in paradise!

info and nursing school and nclex study resources at

CEU Cruises for Nurses

Most states have started requiring nurses to complete a minimum number of CEUs each year in order to new a nursing license. While some employers provide excellent CEU resources, there are many that do not. There’s also great value that comes with professional networking and connecting with other nurses. CEU cruises for nurses provide an excellent opportunity to knock out a large chunk of your required CEU hours while kicking back and getting some much needed down time.

If you’re interested in taking a vacation where you can expand your nursing knowledge, satisfy some required CEUs, and meet some amazing nurses, consider checking out the Relax & Renew RN Cruise. And if you can’t take a cruise, check out where to find free CEU for Nurses.

Cruise Through NClex Review

Is an NCLEX or CEU Cruise Tax Deductable?

Here’s the thing: I’m not an accountant. I cannot give you tax advice. However, since these cruises are continuing education and relate directly to your career, one would assume that they could be written off on taxes just as any educational conference or seminar. What’s even better is that the education takes place almost every day of the trip, which gives you a greater opportunity for tax savings. Again, I’m not a tax expert, so consult with your accountant for confirmation. Report back if you hear any different, but I’m pretty sure you won’t.

Tax Deduction Paperwork

In order to claim the potential tax deduction (that you’ve hypothetically already confirmed with your accountant), you’ll need the following material:

  • Conference Syllabus
  • Conference Brochure
  • Conference Registration Receipt

Is a Nursing Cruise Right for You?

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about CEU cruises for Nurses and NCLEX cruises, do you think you’d like to go on one

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