20 Hilarious CNA Memes That Are Too Relatable

Laugh and share these relatable and funny CNA memes with a nursing assistant that you know. They are so funny because they are true!

You’ve gotta love life as a CNA. It’s definitely not given near enough credit or appreciation. This is a very tough job, and anyone that has ever worked as a CNA knows it takes a strong kind of person to do it.

Funny CNA Memes

When you have such a stressful job, you have to take a minute and just laugh. This collection of funny CNA memes are so relatable that you’ll scroll through each one and go, “yup! Same!” Share these memes with a CNA that you know and brighten their day, too!

Combative Patient

You know how this feels! It’s not easy and it’s definitely not something you ever forget.

Funny CNA Meme Austin Powers

The Best Staff

This meme accurately sums up how it feels to work with people that truly get you and you mesh with really well! It’s pure joy!

Funny CNA Meme - favorite coworkers

Confusing Report

Sometimes you just don’t want to hear how confusing and stressful your shift is going to be.

Train wreck patient meme

Lifting People

CNAs have to be some of the strongest people with the best backs and muscles. All those bed changes moving patients is hard work.

CNA lifting people meme

When The Shift Is Over

We all know this feeling so well! When the shift is over and you feel that relief!

CNAs be like Praise the Lord my shift is over funny CNA meme

It’s Not Easy

If anyone thinks that a job as a CNA is easy, they haven’t spoken with an actual CNA.

Easy CNA job meme

Rough Day

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t cover up how stressed out you felt during your shift.

Stressed cat meme

Being Short Staffed

The hair! The clothes! The dead look – if this doesn’t sum up how it feels to work short-staffed as a CNA I don’t know what does!

Short staffed funny cartoon

Where On The Table

Not only do you have a tray of food, but you have to figure out where on the cluttered table to put it. Look familiar?

Cluttered Hospital Tray Table Meme

Grumpy Patient

How many times have you been blamed for something that was out of your control? It happens far to often in hospitals and nursing homes.

Funny CNA Meme - Refuses to bathe and blames you

Love My Job

As exhausted as you feel and as stressful as this job is, you really do love your career choice.

Funny Sheldon Love my job meme

Said No CNA Ever

This funny CNA meme says it best! No one goes into this job looking forward to all the poop and yelling! It’s just part of the job.

said no cna ever meme

Different Not Less

This meme isn’t as funny as it is so true! CNAs should be appreciated so much more, they do so much and help nurses in huge ways.

CNA skills are different not less

Patient In Bathroom

Be honest – who else has sang that song while they waited for a patient in the bathroom? It’s relatable because it’s so true.

Funny let it go bathroom meme

New Hire

This job has a way of really wearing you out and trying your sanity. It gets better.

New hire Simpsons meme

What It’s Actually Like

What did you think being a CNA would be like when you started? Poop. There’s lots of poop.

Poop on me CNA meme

No Pants Patient

This is pretty accurate! When they don’t have pants and they don’t know why.

Elderly patient with dementia meme

Calling You On Day Off

Work is hard enough and when they call you on your day off? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Short Staffed Office Meme

Supervisors Watching You

Sometimes it really does feel like this. You just can’t catch a break or do anything without them knowing.

Supervisors watching you funny CNA meme

Quiet Lunchtime

After answering call lights and talking to patients all day, sometimes you just need a quiet lunch break.

Lunch time quiet break funny meme

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