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5 Awesome Alegria Nursing Shoes


So, what are the features that make Alegria nursing shoes one of the best? Alegria is the leading manufacturer of therapeutic footwear. Alegria in Spanish means “happiness and joy” and the makers of Alegria believe that shoes should be able to make you happy. Alegria nursing shoes are not only comfortable but fashionable too and the unique, bold and bright prints can only help to lift your spirits.

How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

Do you really need the best nursing shoes to fit your hectic lifestyle? Absolutely. You can’t just wear ordinary athletic shoes when the going gets tough and expect them to perform as well as the best nursing shoes or nursing clogs. The right pair of shoes can improve your comfort, safety and performance multi-fold. Most …

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Best Sanita Nursing Shoes

If you are sick of feeling miserable about your tired feet at the end of your shift, Sanita nursing shoes are a good place to start with getting comfortable.

A study on nurses suggests that spending most of the day constantly walking around following commands and administering care to patients without adequate rest periods might lead to serious lower end extremities and significant discomfort in the knees, legs, ankles, feet and can even lead to back injury. So, comfortable shoes that provide a great …

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Where to Find Nursing Shoes on Sale

nursing shoes on sale

A nurse needs focus, passion, talent, drive, endurance and a great—really great—pair of comfortable nursing shoes. Not just nice, long-lasting, daily knockabouts, but paragons of comfortable footwear, shoes or clogs with the strength of radial tires and the support of a firm orthopedic mattress. Shoes that will go the 12-hour-shift-distance on hard and slippery hospital …

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9 Best Clogs for Nurses

clogs for nurses

Not every nurse wants a more traditional nursing shoe. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of the Best Clogs for Nurses. Some of these clogs will also add a little bit of flair to an otherwise monochromatic uniform.

Nurse Christmas Wish List – 8 Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses

Nurse Christmas Wish List - 8 Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses

A nurse’s Christmas is often not like others. Instead of spending the day with their families, many nurses will spend the day caring for the ill. On Christmas morning when you’re running downstairs, wearing your Christmas pajamas, and excited to spend time with your family, think of the nurses and other healthcare workers who are taking care of the sickest of the sick. Nurses are hard at work when the rest of the world relaxes. It’s a hard job, but fortunately many people are aware of how difficult it can be, and are very supportive of nurses.

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