Nurse Study Tips For Your Learning Style

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Knowing your learning style will help you succeed in nursing school. Follow these essential study tips based on how you learn.

All of us comprehend things in unique ways. Understanding your learning style will help you succeed not only in nursing school, but in your future jobs. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. You entire career as a nurse you will be learning new processes and instruments.

This guide will be an essential tool that you’ll use for the rest of your life! Keep reading and learn study tips that are tailored for exact learning style.

Nurse Study Tips For Your Learning Style

4 Learning Styles

There are generally four main learning styles. As you read about them and their tips, remember that lots of people have more than one main learning style. What works for you might be combining a few different styles and making your own study habits.

That’s the beauty of self-discovery! The better you know yourself, the more success you will have as you study and learn new concepts in nursing school.

1. Visual Learners

The visual learning style is also called the “spatial” learning style. People who learn through sight comprehend information better when it is presented visually. This includes seeing things like pictures, diagrams, and written directions.

Do you doodle as you take notes or does color-coding help you remember concepts better? Then you might be a visual learner.

Study Tips

If you are a visual learner, then you need to study diagrams charts. Draw your own diagrams and pictures of the concepts you are learning. It will really help you to color-code your notes so the information that you need for the test stands out.

2. Auditory Learners

Auditory learners prefer to listen to lectures than read the notes. This also means they will learn better when they hear themselves saying the definitions and details out loud, over and over. When the information is reinforced by sound, it sticks in their minds better.

Study Tips

If you are an auditory learner, then you should use sounds to help yourself remember important concepts. The best way to do this is to get in a study group with other auditory learners and quiz each other. Explain the definitions and lessons to each other. When you hear yourself and your friends talk, you will remember it better.

Another very important tip is to use a voice recorder in class. Record the lectures and then listen to them again later.

3. Tactile Learning

This learning style goes by a few different names. Tactile learning is also called kinesthetic learners or hands-on learners. These people learn by doing and experiencing things. When they act something out, it sticks in their mind better. These type of learners have a difficult time sitting still during lectures and they excel at physical activities like sports or dance.

Study Tips

If tactile learning sounds like you, then here are a few tips that will help you learn, even if you have lots of book-work to do.

Take frequent breaks. Get up and move around. Do exercises while you repeat things that you need to memorize. Add actions to them if you have to. Another thing that will help is to invest in a white board or chalkboard and write out the things you have to memorize.

The act of moving and connecting the ideas to physical actions will connect it all together in your mind.

4. Reading/Writing Learners

Finally, reading and writing learners prefer to simply read things – that’s how they learn best. There is some overlap with this learning style and visual learners. The difference is that reading and writing learners comprehend new ideas best when they read words. Visual learners can learn through words or charts and pictures.

Study Tips

Nursing school is already catering to this learning style. If you are still struggling to comprehend some of the definitions, try reading about it online or in different books. Sometimes, just changing what you are reading helps it click!

Another tip is to write out the definitions multiple times. Reading/writing learners memorize things faster if they write them down multiple times.

Know Your Learning Style

The best thing you can do for yourself while you are in nursing school is to discover your learning style. This brief 12-question quiz will help you see which learning styles are highest for you. Keep in mind that you might have more than one learning style – and that’s ok! Combine any of the tips above and use the methods that help you learn best.

More Nursing School Tips

As you work your way through nursing school, here are some more helpful tips! You aren’t in this alone – all nurses have been there!

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