Getting Your BLS Certification Online – Tips For Nurses

If you are thinking about getting your BLS certification online, read this guide. Learn where to get certified and how to find the best courses.

There are lots of questions you might be asking if you are trying get your BLS certification online. What is the best place? What do you need before you get it? What can you do with a BLS certification? I’ll answer all of these questions – and more – in this guide.

BLS Certification Guide

If you are in school to become a nurse or you are trying to move ahead in your nursing career, you definitely need it. Read through this guide – I answered all the questions you have about getting a BLS certification online.

What Is BLS Certification

BLS stands for Basic Life Support. It is required for anyone that is going to work in a healthcare setting – including registered nurses. This certification covers how to react in breathing and cardiac emergencies to save lives.

Is Online BLS Certification Legitimate

Most hospitals and health care settings required registered nurses to earn their BLS certification from an American Heart Association (AHA) accredited course. If you find an online class for BLS certification, verify that it is accredited by the AHA or you will be wasting your time.

This page from the AHA has an online and in-person blended method for BLS certification. You can do all the bookwork at home and then do the in-person work later, saving you time.

Why Do Nurses Need A BLS Certification

This is the most basic certification you need as a nurse – you simply cannot work as a nurse without it. This is because it covers all the most important things you need to know to respond to life-saving situations.

Even though you probably covered some – if not all – of this information in nursing school, you still need the certification. This training will give you the skill that will drive better patient outcomes for people of all ages.

You don’t need this certification before being hired as a nurse. In fact, some hospitals will pay for you to take a class and become certified after they hire you.

Is BLS The Same As CPR

BLS has a few things that go beyond basic CPR certification. BLS is specifically for healthcare providers and nurses. It teaches you how to respond to both cardiac and breathing emergencies.

CPR teaches everyone – even laypeople – how to respond correctly to cardiac emergencies. BLS takes it step beyond that and teaches how to respond to all types of life-and-death situations as a healthcare provider.

Can Anyone Get A BLS Certification

There are different types of certifications you can obtain. If you are trying seriously to become a registered nurse, then you should go for the professional BLS Certification from and American Heart Association (AHA) accredited course.

Even if you aren’t an RN yet, you can still register and take a BLS course.

How Much Does It Cost To Get BLS Certified

The price depends on where you go. If you are a nursing student, wait to take this course until you are hired. Lots of health care providers will pay for you to take this course so you don’t have to.

One basic life support certification class from American Red Cross is about $92. The cost for an American Heart Association course depends on who is giving the session – they set their own prices. Find an AHA Training Center near you.

Best Online BLS Certification

Be careful with online BLS certification courses and ads for them that you see. Not all of them are accredited by the American Heart Association or The American Red Cross. Hospitals required these courses to be certified, so always ask before paying your money.

The best option if you need an online BLS certification is to do a hybrid online and in-person model. The AHA offers this. Look for an AHA training center near you.

Final Thoughts

If you are a nursing student, remember to only go for BLS certifications that are accredited by the AHA or the American Red Cross. Your employer might pay if you aren’t certified already, so save this certification for last.

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