Funny Nursing Student Shirts That Are the Best Kind of Cheesy

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Find a shirt that sums up how you feel about nursing school! These are the best nursing student shirts – cheesy, funny, and totally you!

There’s something totally fun about finding that perfect t-shirt that sums up your personality in one witty line. I found all of the best ones for you. Browse these shirts and find one you love or get one for a nursing student that you know.

I’ll split this up into a few parts – cute nursing student shirts and funny nursing student shirts.

Funny Nursing Student Shirts That Are the Best Kind of Cheesy

Cute Nursing Student Shirts

These shirts will go with any outfit while proudly declaring what you love to do – become a nurse that saves lives!

Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart

Isn’t this t-shirt the best? It’s so true! Show off your personality with this funny shirt that’s also super cute. I love the different fonts and cute stethoscope.

Buy this shirt from The Graytest Adventure on Etsy.

I’ll Be There For You

Who doesn’t love the TV show Friends? I know I do! If you know someone that’s a Friends fan, then this shirt is a must! Could it be any cuter?

Buy this cute shirt from Berkley Rose Co on Etsy.

Nurse Squad

Do you have a group of friends in nursing school with you? You all need this shirt! The floral prints take this from a boring shirt to super chic!

Buy this shirt from Blue Fox Gifts on Amazon.

Scrub Life

Every time I see this shirt, I keep thinking, “I didn’t choose the scrub life, the scrub life chose me.” I love the curly fonts and the lovely pink stethoscope.

Buy this shirt from Shirts by Sarah.

Coffee, Scrubs, and Rubber Gloves

Reading this shift makes me so happy. The handwriting font is as playful as the quote. It pretty much sums up nursing school, doesn’t it?

Buy this shirt from Hello Handpressed on Etsy.

Eat Sleep Nursing School Repeat

If you like simple graphic t-shirts then this is perfect. It’s so true, too. This is even truer during clinicals. You feel like all you do is work and study and maybe sleep somewhere in there.

Buy this shirt from Inspire Gifts Shop on Etsy.

Nursing Degree Loading

This has a fun and playful loading logo. What a cute way to show that you are in nursing school! Show off your nursing pride.

Buy this shirt from So Living on Etsy.

Coffee Heartbeat

Honestly, this shirt is so simple it could be for nursing students, nurses, medical school students, or even veterinarians that love coffee. It will last you past nursing school and beyond.

Buy this shirt from Momaste Clothing on Etsy.

Funny Nursing Student Shirts

Ready for a laugh? These are all some unique and funny nursing student shirts that will have you rolling. Share them with your friends a buy a few of them. They are so fun!

The Perfect Excuse

How many times do we have to tell people we can’t be at a party cause we have to study or work clinicals? SO MANY times. This shirt is perfect!

Buy this shirt from It’s So Cute on Amazon.

Nursing School Life

Poke fun at your clinicals with this lighthearted shirt. Every nursing student freaks out before exams. Have fun with it.

Buy this shirt from The Graytest Adventure on Etsy.

Relationship Status

When you are in nursing school, you feel like you are married to it. Show that dedication off with this funny shirt.

Take Charge of Your Nursing Career

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I'm Ready to Thrive

Buy this from Shirts by Sarah.

Swear Plans

How many times do you freak out and get frustrated when you are trying to memorize care plans? You’re not alone. We all hate them.

Buy this shirt from Teepublic.

Student Nurse Label

As if being a nurse isn’t nerdy enough, this shirt is even higher on the nerdy scale. But it really does sum of nursing school students.

Buy this shirt from Student Nurse Gifts on Amazon.

Hei Hei Shirt

I chuckle every time I see this shirt. I had to add it to this list. If you aren’t feeling like the crazy chicken from Moana, you aren’t doing nursing school.

Buy this shirt from Renewed Hope Boutique on Etsy.

Almost A Nurse

This is sarcasm at its best. You know how to help people, even if you aren’t exactly completely certified yet.

Buy this shirt from Jade and Harlow on Etsy.

Florence is My Homegirl

Why did you go to nursing school? Regardless of the reason, it all started with Florence Nightingale. Show your nursing pride with this cute tee. It’s the perfect shirt, really.

Get this shirt from The Nerdy Nurse on Etsy.

More Nursing School Resources

Want even more laughs? Here are some more funny nursing school things that are totally relatable!

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