Male Nurse Jokes and Memes For All the Murses Out There

Are you a male nurse? Do you know one? These male nurse jokes and memes are hilariously relatable! Pass it along to a murse that you know and laugh together.

Male Nurse Jokes and Memes For All the Murses Out There. #thenerdynurse #murse #malenurse #nurse #nurses #nursinghumor #nursingmemes #murses

23 Male Nurse Jokes and Memes

It’s time to take a laugh break. Yeah, nursing is serious business. But what is it they say? Laughter is the best medicine! So let’s take a little time to laugh at some of the more annoying and stressful situations we face.

For some reason, male nurses get a lot of jokes thrown their way. Maybe it’s because nursing was typically a job for women for so many years. But I’ve known some amazing male nurses and let me tell you, they take their job very seriously and are dedicated to helping people.

Let’s take back all the stuff people say about male nurses, or “murses,” and turn it into some jokes.

Laugh! Giggle! And Pass this post on to the male nurses that you know. It will brighten their day.

1. What Everyone Thinks A Male Nurse Does Meme

male nurse meme what I actually do

This meme is perfect! How many guys think that all a male nurse does is be surrounded by girls all day? Probably too many. But the best part is the end, “what I actually do.” Because these guys really do attend to the sick and hurting very well.

2. Anatomy of a Male Nurse

Anatomy of a Male Nurse

How many guys can relate to this? Especially the hair sticking out and the tired eyes. And yes, the strong arms that can turn and lift patients easily!

3. Male Nursing

Funny male nurse cartoon

This illustration isn’t as funny as it is true. From the lavender scrubs to the crocs, these murses are saving lives and taking care of business.

4. Follow Your Diabetic Diet

Funny meme for male nurses from the Princess Bride

It’s almost as if that line from the Princess Bride was written with this meme in mind. Just eat nutritious foods. Just do it.

5. Self Care is Easy

Self Care is Easy Meme

Yeah, sure. Just get 8 hours of sleep each night and put together healthy meals. Oh and don’t forget to meditate and exercise. You know, in your free time.

6. What happened last shift?

What happened last shift funny meme

Basically, the entire hotel was a mess, call lights were on constantly, and I don’t know what day it is. Oh and good luck with that! Peace!

7. What Male Nurses do on Their Day Off

what nurses do on their day off funny meme

Who has time for anything else? This is pretty accurate. Sleep, binge on junk food and TV and go to Target.

8. Why You Became a Nurse

Why did you become a nurse funny meme

After an insane shift, do you ever wonder why you became a nurse in the first place? Yeah, this meme is pretty accurate.

9. Just Clock Out

Funny male nurse meme can't remember if he clocked out

You just gotta laugh! Cause why is that that we can make all these life and death decisions and really help people, but then forget our own personal tasks? It happens. A lot.

10. Asking for Pain Meds

Funny male nurse joke - discharge pain med

Sure this meme is funny, but the look on this male nurse’s face is even funnier! I kinda want to make more memes of it.

11. Male Nurse Meme

Male nurse meme how they see me

This is so funny because it is so accurate! So many elderly female patients get all flirty with murses during their shift. And other female nurses always ask them to do the heavy lifting. But in reality, you are just an insecure Eyore.

12. What’s your secret?

No stress at work what is your secret funny meme from Elf

That mischevious look though! It’s super funny….but only until you apply logic and realize that a depressant when you need to be on high alert really wouldn’t work.

13. Sleep when I’m dead

I'll sleep when I'm dead funny meme

Oh night shift….terrible, awful night shift. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

14. I’ll Give It A Shot

I'll give it a shot funny meme

This is funny just because of how not funny it is! I mean, it’s a terribly overused joke. But yet we still make it.

15.  Expectation vs Reality

expectation vs reality

So, you thought you’d sign up to be a male nurse and get to work with all these girls? Hope you enjoy giving old ladies their medications and doing lots and lots of paperwork.

16. What People Say To Murses

what people say when they hear male nurse

This is pretty much all that people say, am I right? Thank you to Meet the Fockers, we now have pop culture jokes about male nurses.

17. Girlish Tendencies

Male nurse joke

Yup. Because working in a field that was predominantly females makes male nurses girly. Sounds about right.

17. Call me Focker

Call me focker funny male nurse meme

One thing that movie did was give us something else to laugh at. Which was fantastic for about a year. This meme sums up how we feel about overused jokes.

18. Doctors Not Working on Me

Doctors Nurse meme

And this is the downside to working with a bunch of doctors. You know which ones you definitely don’t trust. But the good news is you also know the ones that you do.

19. Studying as a Male Nurse

Studying as a male nurse

This is hilarious! I’m not sure why patients see male nursing students as the joker in a female nursing outfit, but it happens. The best part about this meme is the “how I think I look” picture.

20. Sorry I Annoyed You

Sorry I annoyed you with concern - funny meme

Sometimes the snark just really wants to come out! Concern and doing your job can come across like you’re being a jerk. But you gotta do it.

21. Nurses Can Silent Fart

You can silent fart funny meme

Admit it…you’ve done it. Sometimes you just can’t help it. But there are so many smells in a hospital, no one knows it’s you, right? Sure……

22. Caring for People is Sexy

Caring for people is sexy male nurse meme

I have to admit that this character from The Mindy Project took jokes and ideas about male nurses and addressed them head-on. Yes, helping people really does make you sexy!

23. Stop Chuckling

Stop chuckling male nurse joke

Finally, let’s just get this out there. Murses rock!

Thank You, Male Nurses

An honest and genuine “thank you” goes out to all the men that made it through nursing school and are currently working hard as nurses. This job doesn’t care about your gender. It only matters that you work hard and put your heart into helping people heal.

We need more nurses. Male, female, all of them. If you know a male nurse, pass this along and say a quick “thank you” for all they do.

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