Best Free Meditation Apps In 2020 For Stressed Nurses

If you need some guided deep breathing to help you relax, then these are the best free meditation apps of 2020 – for both Android and iOS!

Whether it’s when you get home after a really long shift or you need it before you leave, meditation is a science-backed way to combat stress and maintain a clear mind. Now thanks to technology, you don’t have to go to a yoga class to experience these benefits. You can meditate in your car, in your room, or even at the nurse’s station. All you need is your phone.

Benefits of Meditation

There are actually 12 science-backed benefits of meditation, I’m going to share my favorite ones with you.

I love how effective meditation is at reducing stress. One study of more than 3,500 adults showed how well it lowers stress and the effects on the body. There are also a lot of physical health conditions that are related to high stress, and meditation can help improve these conditions because it lowers the effects of stress on the body.

Meditation is also known to lower anxiety – something we as nurses experience far too often! One study found that yoga (and meditating during yoga) actually reduced anxiety in participants.

Are you struggling with normal memory loss that happens as you get older? Meditating could improve your memory too! Studies found that meditation increased attention and mental quickness in older adults.

There are so many reasons to practice meditation. If you have never tried meditation, then there are apps that will guide you through every step of the process. You’ll feel so much better after you do!

Best Overall Meditation App for Nurses

I personally think that Headspace is the best overall meditation app for nurses. This one isn’t exactly free, but it is worth every dime. It only costs $70 per year which is pretty affordable considering how robust this app is.

I love that you can choose to take meditation classes or just follow emergency meditations while you are out and about. Plus, it has the most user-friendly interface of all the meditation apps out there. It’s also available on your computer, iOS, and Android, so no matter what, you can use your app!

There are guided meditations that you can follow for specific experiences – such as a wake up meditation, stress-release workout, and a winding down or sleep-enhancing one.

Where To Get It

Best Free Meditation Apps of 2020

Save your money and try out some of these free meditation apps. I tried to find as many cross-platform apps as I could, but some of them are limited. However, all of them will guide you through meditation when you need it most.

Insight Timer

The first app on our list is Insight Timer. It is amazing because it has a huge library of more than 45,000 free guided meditations! You can browse the library and search for meditations based on your needs (sleep, stress, emotional support) or you can also follow specific teachers too!

You can also join a team for free and meditate together. This is a wonderful way to encourage new people or to learn from experienced one.

Where to Get it


This is a simple app that’s really easy to use. You can choose the type of mediation you need really easily. They have meditations that range from 3 to 25 minutes long. You can also access a library of music and sounds including nature sounds and breathing exercises.

When you download the app, you will get a 7-day free trial. After the trial ends, it costs $69.99 a year and you can cancel anytime.

Where To Get It


This is another free app that offers a paid plan with extra features. It’s the perfect app for anyone that isn’t familiar with meditations because it teaches you how to meditate and there are even some activities you can do too.

It features about 30 free sessions. You can choose the session length and either a friendly male voice or a calming female voice. Most of the sessions are about 11 minutes long.

Where To Get It

  • MyLife Website
  • Apple App Store


Aura gives you personalized meditations based on your mood. When you log in, you answer a simple prompt: “How are you feeling today?” After you answer, it brings up meditations to help you out the most.

Where To Get It

Smiling Mind

If you want something that is completely and entirely free to use, then check out Smiling Mind. It was made by a non-profit organization in Australia and more than 5 million people around the world enjoy this app.

This tool was developed by psychologists and teachers to help you achieve better concentration, overall wellness, and less stress.

Where To Get It


If you struggle with depression and anxiety and need a robust app, then check out Sanvello. In addition to the meditation and self-care, you can get on this app, there is also peer support, coaching, and therapy.

They are offering free membership during the COVID-19 crisis. Afterwards, it will be $8.99 a month or $53.99 annually.

Where To Get It


One of the best free meditation apps for nurses is Enso. It is designed for anyone that is already familiar with deep breathing and can guide their own meditation. It’s basically a simple meditation timer that also tracks your previous meditations. You hit when to start and when to pause. Take as long or as short as you need.

It has both visual and auditory clues and comes with a relaxing and simple bell that indicates when the meditation is over.

Where To Get It

This app is only available on iOS from the Apple App Store.

10% happier

The final app on this list has a free option but the paid version is worth the investment. 10% Happier was created for people who are skeptical of meditation. The goals are more about how to sharpen your mind and relax your body than it is about connecting with your soul.

Dan Harris – the TV news anchor who famously had a panic attack on live TV is the guide that leads you through all the information on the app.

Where To Get It

Free Meditation Apps For Nurses: Final Thoughts

As nurses, we give our energy, our time, and it eats away at our mental strength. Meditating is a way to regain inner-peace. It’s also really effective at lowering blood pressure and managing the physical effects of stress. I hope that one of these apps helps you. Whether you need help sleeping, deep breathing, or you need more focus and memory, meditation can be the solution!

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