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Nursing is an exciting profession filled with nearly limitless opportunities and possibilities. The content including in the Become a Nurse category will explore the field of nursing including explorations of specialties, career potential, and other aspects that make nursing such an appealing career.

How to Become a Lactation Consultant

How to Become a Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants are in demand right now. With more and more hospitals looking for health care providers who are trained to recognize, prevent, and solve breastfeeding problems, it’s a specialty you shouldn’t really miss.

How to Become a Nurse

How to Become a Nurse

The road to becoming a nurse is long and laborious. If you’re not sure about the path you’re going to take, the process can be twice as difficult. You can even end up spending more money and time than you’re supposed to. If you’re not sure where to start, the guide below can teach you exactly how to become a nurse.

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse?

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse?

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse? Advanced practice nurses are registered nurses that receive additional training and education to play a more advanced role in the healthcare system. They may have a master’s degree, post-master’s certificate, or practice-focused doctor of nursing practice degree.

What is Forensic Nursing?

What is Forensic Nursing?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is forensic nursing” you may be considering a change in nursing specialty or becoming a nurse. This relatively new nursing specialty provides a valuable service to patience that often experience vicious crimes. Let’s dive in and learn a little more about the nursing specialty, the career prospects, and how to become a forensic nurse.


What Do Nurses Do?

Nurses are one of the oldest and one of the largest roles in the healthcare system. Nurses play an active role in just about every aspect of healthcare, from the Emergency Department to Mental Health Clinics, to home health care, to Acute Care. So, what do nurses do? Perhaps an easier question to answer would be what doesn’t a nurse do?


How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

The healthcare profession is a field that’s only growing in scope and demand with each passing day. New innovations in the field of medicine and technology are opening up doors for many new professions within the field of healthcare. Nursing, one of the oldest and noblest professions, is no longer viewed as the traditional job where caring for patients is the only requirement. Today, with the integration of medicine with various other fields, such as technology, management and research, specialized nursing careers have risen in popularity and specialized nurses are in high demand. One such specialization is that of Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC).


Registered Nurse Salary – How Much Does an RN Make?

Nursing is definitely one of the most selfless and giving professions there is. And most often, associating any monetary gains in a profession that centers around care and selflessness is frowned upon. However, if we are honest, nursing is morally, mentally and emotionally satisfying, but that isn’t going to pay the bills. Nor is it going to make up for the amount you had to spend in the first place to earn a nursing degree. Just like every other profession, nurses also have to consider pay when looking for work. And of course, your next question is most definitely going to be – “how much does an RN make?” Hopefully, this article can shed some light on what registered nurses are, how to become a registered nurse, and how much registered nurses can earn.

3 Tips to Pass the PMHNP Exam and Earn the PMHNP-BC Credential - fb

3 Tips to Pass the PMHNP Exam and Earn the PMHNP-BC Credential

To practice as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), you must first complete a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program and pass the PMHNP exam. Upon completion, you’ll be able to claim the PMHNP-BC credential which allows nurse practitioners to practice autonomously in 27 states. If you’re here, then you’ve sought out tips and resources to pass the PMHNP exam. We’ve compiled a short list, but believe the best strategy is to utilize a PHMNP exam prep program like …

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Pregnant in Grad School

How to Manage Being Pregnant in Grad School

Congratulations on your pregnancy. For most it’s a time of celebration and joy, but also a challenge at any academic level in nursing school- often leaving a package gift of joy and stress. I also participated in the unconventional scenario of being pregnant in grad school, formulated so my due date would be timed after graduation. How to Manage Being Pregnant in Grad School Whether your pregnancy was planned or by surprise, these step by step strategies will help bring balance to your academic endeavors. With …

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