9 Reasons Every Nurse Should Drive a Convertible

In October of last year I bought my dream car: a Baby Blue, Turbo, VW Beetle Convertible Bug. I’ve wanted this car since I was 13 year old. As much as some may consider a new vehicle to be a foolish purchase and not the best financial decision, I think there are some decisions that you make for you in the now and not the you in the future. I bought my convertible because I wanted one since I was a little girl and knew it would make it happy.

I can tell you now, that after exactly 6 months of ownership (most of those ironically in the winter months) that the car does in fact make me happy. But I can also tell you that I think cars like it, namely convertibles, have the ability to make any nurse happy. I especially think this is the case with nurses. But I don’t just think happiness is the only reason that nurses should drive a convertible so I’ll outline those in top 9 reasons nurses should drive a convertible below.

1. Convertibles Make People Smile

The nature of a convertible means you are much more open to the outside world and people often will wave and smile at you that wouldn’t have before. A slow summer ride with the top down is an awesome experience, but it’s even more awesome when you think about how many smiles you helped to create. As a nurse you work hard everyday to improve the quality of life for the patients you serve, why not do continue to do it for the people in the communities where you live and visit?

2. Airing Out Your Scrubs

showering won't be enough after today I'll need to be autoclavedThere are some shifts that you really feel that instead of a shower you need to be autoclaved. On the days when you just can’t get your scrubs off fast enough being able to air them out of the ride home sure would be nice.

3. Waking You up and Keeping You Alert

Whether you are 1st shift or 3rd there are times when you are probably nodding off on the way into or home from work. Even if it’s 6am and dark outside, dropping the top and getting a little wind in your hair is a nice way to start the morning. You’ll arrive at work alert and read to start your day. For night shifters there is nothing worse than driving home exhausted and not being able to hold your eyes open. A convertible drive home may just be the thing you need to wake you up and keep you alert. If you’re too tired to drive then stay off the road, but if your okay to drive but could use a little energy boost then riding with the top down could be the right medicine.

4. Reduce Stress

Nursing is a stressful job. People count on nurses to take care of them when they are ill, give them advice, feedback, reassurance, and support. It can be so overwhelming at times that you just may feel like you have nothing more to give. This can build us stress that if left untreated can cause serious permanent psychological damage. Many nurses like to go for a drive as a way to relax and burn off stress. The term “Drive it Out” is often used when you just need to get in your car and go. While a ride in any car may help you reduce stress, the smiles you create, the cool wind in your hair, and the sunshine on your face will make your troubles seem less bothersome. You certainly can’t drive away from your problems, but you can drive some of the stress related to them away.

5. Cool You Down

Air conditioning is fantastic. It’s one of the best inventions ever created and on a hot summer day I’d probably give up food before I’d give up the AC. However, the air circulation you get when driving a convertible is on a whole other level. The circulating air around your body has the potential to be more cool, at least initially, that full powered air conditioning.

6. Make You Feel Young

I first wanted a convertible when I was a teenager. I was 13 years old and new right them that as soon as I could drive I wanted a baby blue convertible VW beetle. While the car didn’t come until some years later, the teenage lust I had for it never faded. I bought my convertible 6 months ago and still feel like a teenage girl every time I drive it. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I’ve also heard that a Mercedes is much more confortable to cry in than a bicycle and I would have to argue that the convertible can be just as comfortable as that Mercedes.

7. Get Some Sun

happy sun

Despite what you may have been lead to believe about sun exposure, a little sun is actually good for you. Nurses who work night shift are notorious for not getting enough sun and therefore not getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone deformities, and research suggest that a lack of vitamin D might also affect blood pressure, immune function, heart disease, and cancer risk. Wearing  a light moisturizer with sunscreen can help protect you from UV rays while allowing you to get a few rays of sun. The convertible fun in the sun doesn’t have to stop after supper. You can drive a convertible in the winter if you know how.

8. Improving a Commute

Many nurses I know are stuck in the car for hours every day commuting to and from work. There are various tactics you can employ to make use of this time form audio books, podcasts, talk radio, or good music. However, one of the best ways to improve your commute is to improve the driving experience. I personally used to hate driving, but now that I have my convertible it’s fun to go to work.

9. YOLO: You Only Live Once

YOLO you only live once

I know, I know, YOLO is the most absurd abbreviation ever. However, YOLO is absolutely true. You Only Live Once. You might be put off buying a convertible because you think it’s a silly purchase, but chances are few little old ladies on their death beds are going to complain about the convertible they owned at some point in their life. I once had someone tell me that they have never seen a Brinks truck following a hearse. Life is far to short to not experience it to the fullest and if you aren’t driving a convertible, at at least some point in your life, you are missing out on some of the joys that life has to offer.

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7 thoughts on “9 Reasons Every Nurse Should Drive a Convertible”

  1. Congratulations. 
    Me & my Hubby normally rent one for a weekend every Summer.
    It’s a good feeling driving in the wind!
    I believe “YOLO”
    Enjoy every moment!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get a convertible mini-van. The kids would dig that, although I’m not certain it would have the same cute factor. 

    Punch bug blue!

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