8 Reasons Why You Should Own an Ultrabook

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Laptops are becoming thinner and lighter every day. The Macbook Air started a mobile revolution when Apple created a notebook a little over 1/2 inch thick and weighing less than 2.5 lbs. No one can argue that these sleek and slim computers are attractive and desirable to own just on form factor alone. However, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to upgrade to an ultrabook.

1.Work on the Go

It’s no secret that owning a notebook computer can help you be more productive by allowing you to work on the go. Having a computer that is ultra light and ultra portable can really help you improve your productivity. The thinner and lighter your computer is the more likely you’ll be willing to take it out for a quick session of work while waiting on a flight or riding in a cab. These few extra minutes of productivity that would be otherwise lost can be now be easily capture thanks to an ultrabook.

2.Reducing Strain for Frequent Travelers

Many who travel for business need to carry a laptop with them to work while on the road. Frequenting an airport with a heavy bulky computer isn’t only inconvenient, it can also create unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders. This can cause discomfort and over time can lead to poor posture and potentially long term damage. You can reduce this discomfort by decreasing the weight of your notebook. You can shed pounds of of your notebook by getting an ultrabook.

3.Surf With Style

If you want to make your interactions with technology a little less nerdy and a bit more trendy, having a notebook that is slim and fashionable is key. If you’re going to be taking your computer out and about you don’t want to show up with a bulky dinosaur. An ultrabook can let you surf the web without lugging around an eyesore.

4.Consume Less Energy

Ultrabooks a have thinner screens that are usually LED. These screens require less energy to run making your computer experience less costly over time. Also, SSD use considerably less power than HDD. Consuming less energy means a longer battery life and reduce your need to always have a charger on hand.

5.Decrease Discomfort

A heavy notebook can be uncomfortable to carry and hold. They also tend to produce more heat which can be uncomfortable on your lap. Shedding a few pounds from your notebook can reduce discomfort. Not only can your discomfort be reduced by decreasing a computers weight, having a SSD (solid state drive) can not only increase speed, it can decrease your laptop temperature by as much as 12 degrees.

6.More Powerful than a Tablet

A tablet can be helpful to take on the go, but doesn’t pack the power that a notebook can. The onscreen keyboards can reduce efficiency of typing. Having a keyboard can increase your typing speed by 50% over that of an on screen keyboard. Don’t forget that with true multi-tasking that Windows 8 or Apple OS offers. These features alone make an ultra-light laptop more powerful and often more functional than a tablet.

7.Increased Durability

Most ultrabooks include SSD which are more durable than HDD. SSD have no moving parts and can stand up to drops with greater ease than HDD. A SSD is shock resistant up 1500g. Also, many ultrabooks (like the Macbook Air) are adopting unibody designs with can help increase their durability.

8.Making a Great First Impression

If you work in the tech sector, it is crucial to let your clients know that you are up to date on the latest technologies. What better way to make a great first impression that showing up with a fast and functional ultrabook. Your clients and co-workers will be swooning over your lightweight beauty while others will sit and try not stare enviously at your ultrabook.

Do You Own an Ultrabook?

If you haven’t already upgraded to an ultrabook, what’s stopping you?

It’s no secret that a lightweight notebook is the wave of the future. Not only are they stylish, but they are great ways to increase productivity during travel or just around your house.

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