Food is the Enemy to a Three Year Old

imageMy child won’t eat.

Well, let me rephrase that. My child won’t eat anything other than Oatmeal, Nutella sandwiches, cereal, brownies, chicken nuggets, french fries, chips, candy, and cookies. So basically my child will only eat junk food.

Tonight we tried to feed the kid macaroni and cheese, and he wouldn’t even eat that.  To hear his reaction, you might have thought we were trying to feed him live spiders dipped in hot sauce. He bawled loudly and held a single piece of pasta in his mouth for 20 minutes refusing to chew or swallow.

It’s almost as if he’s doing whatever he can possible to avoid eating. And what’s worse is that he becomes so grumpy when he doesn’t eat that he’s nearly impossible to be around. He gets that trait honestly, though. My husband is a pain in the butt when he hasn’t eaten. So I get the fact that my child gets irritable when he’s hungry.

What I don’t get is why he won’t eat.

Everyone say’s he’ll eat when he’s hungry.

Eventually if you don’t give him a choice, he’ll eat what you give him.

He’ll grow out of it.

Well my kid doesn’t. The hungrier he gets the harder it is to get him to eat. And I don’t see any light at the end of this dark hungry moody tunnel.

My little ball of screaming sunshine would probably rather starve to death than eat a piece of macaroni. I know he’d rather vomit, at least. He nearly did once when he held the single noodle in his mouth for the 20 minutes referenced earlier.

But seriously, how do I get a 3 year old to eat more than just junk? How do I get over feeling like I’m the most horrible parent on the planet. You know, because my child is screaming at the top of his lungs refusing to eat anything.

I’d really like to avoid a story similar my pediatrician’s. When I informed her of my child’s refusal to eat anything except the items mentioned above she told me about how her child would eat nothing but Little Debbie’s for a full year.

He’s just so defiant. So strong-willed. So stubborn. So much like me it’s not even funny. My mother wasn’t joking when she said my child would be 10 times more difficult than I was.

I knew that the two’s were going to be terrible but I didn’t anticipate the three’s being so tragic.

Someone tell me when my child will eat like a normal human being.

Because I’m thinking I may loose my sanity if this food battle lasts much longer.


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    My son is a couple of weeks away from being 4 and he probably spent at least sixty minutes at the table last night just to get five bites of pizza down. PIZZA! Kind of like your Mac and cheese example, it’s not exactly a nutrititious and healthy food choice but it’s something traditionally kids love.
    I’m lucky in that no matter how stubborn my kids are, I’ve still got more iron in me. So far, at least…

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