Plus Size Scrubs that are Functional and Beautiful

These are the best plus size scrubs that will keep you comfortable during your entire shift – and looking great too!

Functional & Beautiful Plus Size Scrubs

Being plus size has meant either wearing something super baggy or having it not fit very well. Thankfully, there are finally companies that are meeting a very real need for scrubs that actually fit and look good too.

This is a list of the most functional and beautiful plus size scrubs. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. And these scrubs are worth their price. But I also included some lower-priced ones too.

Jaanuu Scrubs

By far, my ultimate favorite brand of scrubs are Jaanuu Scrubs. You have never seen scrubs that look like these. They are extremely comfortable – made with adjustable yoga-pants waist and their own patented fabric that has a 4-way stretch.

And their designs are functional while also standing out as super stylish. The pants have clips for keys, lots of pockets. And the tops are fitted for a flattering look with button and zipper accents that set them off.

The price is perfect too. Tops and pants are each priced under $50.

Cheap Plus Size Scrubs

If you are looking for scrubs that are less than $50 each, I found some that are perfect.

I’ve heard of some nurses sewing their own. This is a definite option and it does save you a bunch of money.

For inexpensive scrubs, I’d look at these sites:

  • JC Penney – You can’t go wrong with JCP. They are known for their low prices and high quality. If you live near one, you can go in and try some on and find one that fits you perfectly. Most of their scrubs are $20-30.
  • Scrubs4Less – They carry brands like Dickies, Cherokee and more at prices your wallet will love! They have tops as low as $16!
  • Uniform Advantage – I love their prices. Most things are less than $25 each. And they offer stretch fabric and super fun prints too.
  • Scrubs and Beyond – Another site that offers scrubs in the $20-30 range. I love their variety.

Best Plus Size Stretch Scrubs – Shopping Tips

Every single body type is different. So if you try some scrubs with high reviews online and they don’t fit you right, take them back.

I’ve found that the best plus size stretch scrubs feel like I’m wearing my favorite comfy pants or pajamas. You really can find scrubs that are that comfortable.

Here are some scrubs shopping tips I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Know Your Body – Do you prefer a drawstring waist? How do pants feel when you wear them? Know your body and look for scrubs that won’t pinch or rub you the wrong way. Some nurses even prefer to wear a scrub dress.
  2. Choose Solid Colors – This is completely opinion, but solid colors might last you longer style-wise. It’s so much easier to get tired of wearing a certain print too much.
  3. Look for Functional Pockets – The best scrubs will have enough pockets to help you carry everything you need for your shift.
  4. How Easy Are They to Put On – Buy scrubs with zippers or some other method of getting it on and off that make it easy. The last thing you want is a frustrating dressing experience.
  5. Return Policy – Make sure the place you are purchasing from has an excellent return policy. This is especially important if you are buying online. All scrubs fit differently, don’t be forced to keep something that doesn’t fit.

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

After the television show became a huge hit, branded Grey’s Anatomy scrubs became a popular item. They look like classic, solid-colored scrubs. But they are also comfortable too! And they are known for being high-quality and lasting a long time.

Buying plus size scrubs doesn’t have to be a chore. There are so many fabulous options out there that are both functional and beautiful.

More Scrubs For You

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