Nerdy Scrubs: Where Technology and Uniforms Merge

What is a nerd?

One definition is an intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession. Others may say it’s a boring or unpopular person. Are Bill Gates and Michael Dell unpopular today?

Technology and Nerds

Most technological advances have been made by people called “nerds”. In the old days they may have been called “geniuses”. Take for example Sir Isaac Newton as some of his notable contributions include inventing calculus, explaining “universal gravitation,” developing laws of motion and building the first reflective telescope.

With all the technology we have today and the invention of medicines people are still finding when they go to a hospital that they come out with infections – sometimes worse than when they entered the hospital or even worse, die from these infections.

Hospitals Dangerous Places?

Latest stats from the World Health Organization show that it is safer to fly in an airplane than to go to a hospital for treatment. Why is going to a hospital more dangerous than flying in an airplane today? Aside from death, hospital-acquired infections (nosocomial infections) and medical errors can cause major health problems for people. Hospital-acquired bloodstream infections in the United States make up 10 percent of all hospital-acquired infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bloodstream infections are now considered the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Don’t Touch That Tie!

dirty doctor tieAnother research has shown that neck ties worn by doctors and other medical personnel are likely carriers of infection-causing bacteria. Specifically, a 2004 study at Queens Hospital found that 47 percent of the ties worn by medical staff at the hospital harbored illness causing bacteria. The study also noted that ties worn by doctors and other clinical staff were eight times more infectious than security guards ties. The fabric can carry bacteria from one patient to another throughout the hospital.

High Tech Keeps Infections in Check

High Technology scrubs are great for nerdy doctors and nurses who understand the importance of infection control in their offices, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. They understand that these medical uniforms will protect them, their loved ones and their patients as well as save their hospital money from costly infections and lawsuits. The high technology scrubs and lab coats contain a fluid barrier, antimicrobial and comfort properties all in one.

Back to the Basics

Nerds tend not to dress in fancy clothing or show up fashionably in new outfits. They tend to wear clothes just for the point of wearing them – not to have a fashion statement or show off. So these high technology scrubs do not come in fancy prints or styles – just 2 basic styles and 5 basic colors.

Antimicrobial Scrubs

Researchers from Medstar Health Research and Cornell University Weil Medical College presented data on these scrubs done in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. They compared a scrub top, half impregnated with a breathable fluid barrier combined with an antimicrobial and the other half untreated as a control to access if the technology can prevent the bacterial flora acquisition on the scrubs. Analysis of in vivo antimicrobial performance, defined as reduction or increase in CFU’s, comparing the impregnated side to control demonstrated that the fluid barrier and the antimicrobial treated side performed better.

Scrubs that Serve and Protect

So nerds, there are medical scrubs available to protect you. They may not be pretty or popular but they can stop the spread of infection from you to patient. They can stop the spread through the hospital, clinic or office that you work in. And stop the spread of them coming home to your family.


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