Why I am thankful I am a Nurse

Everyday presents me with new challenges and the opportunity to overcome them.

My growth and development in my profession are limited only by my desire and will.

I have the opportunity to be intimately involved in peoples lives and promote health and positive change.

I am allowed ample opportunity to be creative and make things work.

Every patient interaction is an opportunity for learning for both the patient and I.

I get to talk about health, the patients, and often myself, if I like.

Almost every patient I’ve had asks me about my child, and wants to hear stories about them.

I make people feel better.

I do not have someone leaning over my shoulder constantly telling me how much better I could be doing. (at least not a boss… there was a nurse or 2 who did that for a while, but not anymore!)

I have relative job security, and even if for some odd reason I loose my current employment, I can likely find another job easily.

I earn a decent living wage. While it could always be more, I feel I am compensated fairly well for what I do, especially considering the staggering rates of unemployment even for degreed professionals.

I use my brain and my patients notice when I do.

It is perfectly acceptable, and required, for me to forbid someone from smoking anywhere near me while I am at work. This is because, like most facilities, we have adopted a tobacco free policy.

I never meet a stranger. Personally I treat every new person I meet as if I have known them for years. In public, people often react awkwardly and confused by this. However, in nursing, trust is already so ingrained in the patients in us that they are relieved by my openness and they fact that I talk to them like a person rather than a patients.

I get autonomy in decision making, but have a group of talents and competent teammates to bounce ideas off of. But ultimately, decisions I make are mine, I own them. Therefor, a good decision yields much pride while a bad one often overwhelms me.

I associate with intelligent highly educated individuals and have learned that even the most arrogant audacious person has their moments of insecurity and appreciates the ability to let their guard down every now and then and just be human and not have something needed of them.

I have the ability to make real changes in people lives. Many don’t think the way I do, but I look at every patient interaction as a chance to change the world. Who knows what you might inspire in someone by taking the time to discuss their healthcare and their goals in life. Perhaps it is a lofty aspiration, but I would like to think that I make my patients lives better because I have been a part of them.

I am thankful for the career I have chosen. Nursing has shown me more about myself and has made me into a better person. I’ll never forget when I told my mother I was going to be a nurse and her response was “But you’re so hateful.” Well, I guess I just had to prove her wrong.

What do you think mom? Not so hateful now, huh?

12 thoughts on “Why I am thankful I am a Nurse”

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    Wow…What a way to express your feelings as nurse… Also the way the post was written is very touchable…Thanks for making us a part of your life..

  2. It is a future place for medicine. The avatars allow nurse practitioners and patients to interact on the computer screen. They also make it possible for nursing professors to do training exercises with online students.

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  3. Good Job! I was a nurse for awhile before I became too ill to do it any longer. I am proud of the things I did and was grateful that I could help others and that for some reason, God saw fit for me to save a few lives! Nursing is awesome! I am happy for you that you are so happy and fulfilled as a Nurse.

    Now, I sing and try to make people happy that way and help them feel better. I sing all over the place: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Numerous Churches, Weddings, Funerals, For Charities, On the Street, In Parks and Playgrounds, At VA Hospitals.

    If anyone ever asks me to sing, anywhere I do it because it is a gift to me and I want to give the gift back! You have been given a Healing Gift and it is Wonderful that you give that Gift Back too!

    1. It matter what it is you “do” as long as you are happy and making a contribution to this world.
      Your voice no doubt spreads happiness and and positive energy, and that is what is really important.
      It is unfortunate that your health decreased so that you could no longer practice nursing, but I am glad that you have found happiness in other means.
      I do enjoy what I do, most days. We all have our trials and tribulations. I am glad to be a part of something bigger than me and “give back” while receiving at the same time.

  4. Beautifully written, very inspirational 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this. It really is great to prove Mom wrong sometimes!

  5. Catherine,
    Thank you so much for your kind statement. I think all too often we get stuck in a rut, burnout happens quickly. If we really take a moment to sit back and think about it we could see that we really are a part of something wonderful.

    Are you talking to me or Dana about the Nursing informatics specialization?
    I can tell you that there are many grants and scholarships available. Do you know what school you are wanting to attend? I have not completed the Masters certification and do not practice as an informacist, yet. However, I anticipate that will change by May of 2011.
    Most nurses who are informacists practice with a BSN and can purse either the certification or the Masters level degree with certification after completing something like 2000 hours as an informacist. Its a relatively new specialty.
    If you have a BSN you can already pursue employment as an informacist, especially if you attending or will be attending an MSN program soon.
    Have you picked your graduate school?
    There are so many to choose from with nearly all of them being majority online and often totally online.
    I haven't 100% decided myself. I am interested in what you are looking at and I will see what I can find about grants and scholarships for you!

    – The Nerdy Nurse

  6. Dana

    Wow someone who has the passion and outlook I do.
    I am going back to school nd want to specialize in Nursing Informatics as well. I wanted to know do you like it? and…….have ya found any scholarships to help you…\\could use your advice
    Ann Marie RN…..

  7. catherine Cantrell

    I think I may share your insight with my nursing students. It was an uplifting reminder for me, as well. Thank you.

  8. Dana- thank you. There are times when I question what I was thinking what on earth I was thinking when I decided. To become a nurse, however those times are far and few between the countkrss times I know i made a good choice.

  9. Just found your blog and appreciated your Thanksgiving post. Some great insights…many that we as nurses need to be reminded of every now and again!

  10. I can be pretty stern… usually just to people who don't seem to listen or comprehend what I am trying to say to them. For some reason assertive in a woman often comes off as hateful.

    Ask my husband, as I'm sure he has a better grasps on just how hateful I can or cannot be. I must admit, I am a little biased toward myself. 🙂

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