5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses

While scrub dresses may harken back to an older time, many nurses love to wear them for their style and breathability. Fashion aside, scrub dresses must not only look good but be functional as well.

I am all about keeping you looking your best at work. We’ve already talked about designer scrubs, the must-have features of the best scrubs, and even classy Caribbean Blue scrubs. Now let’s look at scrub dresses. Here are 5 of the best scrub dresses that are both stylish and practical to work in.

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses

Cherokee Zip Front Scrub Dress

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses - scrub dresses
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This dress has classic lines and with a zip front is quick and easy to get into in the morning – or out of at the end of your shift! It has two large pockets in the front, perfect for holding your pens, gloves, alcohol wipes and more. With small slits along the side, it gives you the ideal amount of give for movement while keeping you looking professional. A great overall scrub dress!

Koi Classics Alexandria Scrub Dress

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses - 31JeVrkjz5L
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Here is a scrub dress that is not only functional but looks great! It looks like a fashionable shirt dress but has the functionality of a scrub dress. Four pockets give you lots of options to hold your gear, and the soft, lightweight cotton-polyester fabric keeps you comfortable all day.

Dickies Button Front Dress

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses - scrub dresses3
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Here is a scrub dress built for functionality! With an excess of pockets including a pen pocket, a cell phone pocket, and utility loops, this dress will keep you comfortable and will help you get your work done throughout the day. This dress is a little longer than average, perfect for tall girls who find scrub dresses a little short.

Avida Classic Scrub Dress

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses - 31g2hNSCMEL
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This is an excellent lightweight scrub dress that actually gives you a little shape! It has two large front pockets and a tie waist so you can decide how much shape you want. It is the longest dress, often hitting reviewer’s mid-calf, great for tall girls or for those who are a little more modest.

WonderWink Scrub Dress

5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses -
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This is another excellent all-around dress. It has two large front pockets, side slits for mobility, and a cute waist line to help you look great! It runs a little shorter than average, hitting you just above the knee, so it is great for shorter girls.

With these fantastic options for scrub dresses, you are sure to find your perfect scrub dress that marries both style and functionality!

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3 thoughts on “5 Fun and Functional Scrub Dresses”

  1. I think it’s interesting that you say “many nurses love to wear” scrub dresses. I’ve worked at hospitals large and small the last 7 years, and I have yet to see a nurse wearing one! Maybe it’ll become a trend with management?

  2. Hi Brittney,
    I had to chuckle when I read this post because I graduated from college at the time when all women were required to wear a dress uniform at work. We were SO excited when the policy changed and we could wear pants.
    I must admit that uniforms are a lot cuter now than they were back then, so maybe I’ll give it another try!

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