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Nursing School is tough. Passing the NCLEX is pivotable and the last hoop nursing students must jump through before becoming a nurse. The Nursing School & NCLEX category focuses on topics the provide nursing students with resources to perform better in school and pass that NCLEX to secure that coveted nursing license.

What is Continuing Education and Why is it Important for Nurses?

What is Continuing Education and Why is it Important for Nurses?

For many nurses, continuing education is a requirement to keep their license current. But the value and importance of continuing education isn’t always clearly defined. In this article, we’ll answer the question what is continuing education, provide different examples, and explain why it is important for nurses.

How to Pass the NCLEX with 75 Questions in One Attempt

How to Pass the NCLEX with 75 Questions in One Attempt

Nursing school is a challenging experience. As if the rigors faced during your nursing education weren’t enough, you then have to take your professional licensure exam. Whether you have completed an RN or LPN program, you still must take your “boards” in order to practice as a nurse.

If you’ve stumbled onto this page in a nervous effort to find any tips or advice you possibly can in order to do well on the NCLEX, then you’ve come to right place. If you’re worried about your NCLEX test preparation, you are not alone. You wouldn’t be a good nurse if you didn’t think things through. But since you’re already thinking like a nurse, then I’m sure you’ll do fine, but here are a few things that might give you a little extra confidence.

A Nursing Binder: Stay Organized in Nursing School

A Nursing Binder: How to Stay Organized in Nursing School

A nursing binder is so important. This one tool can keep you organized in nursing school and help you locate all your notes quickly. This is how to put together the best one. Every nursing student needs a nursing binder. It’s where you keep all your notes organized in one place. Read these essential tips and you’ll have one all the other students envy.  What is A Nursing Binder? A nursing binder is an essential item in surviving nursing school. It keeps all your notes, handouts, …

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5 Tips to Master Pharmacology for Nurses

5 Tips to Master Pharmacology for Nurses

Don’t just pass pharmacology, master it. Use these 5 tips to master Pharmacology for nurses. These tips can also be used in other nursing school classes too. How to Master Pharmacology for Nurses Pharmacology for nurses is a class in nursing school about how a drug interacts with the human body, side effects, and how the body uses the drug. It is a pretty demanding class, with lots of memorization required. Even so, there are some proven study pharmacology habits and a few things you can …

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Continuing Education for Nurses

7 Benefits of Continuing Education for Nurses

There are some nurses who think that after they graduate from nursing school that the time for education has passed. They devalue the continuing education (CE) credits that they are required to complete (by their facility or their state). But, perhaps if they looked at CEs a little differently, there would not be such a great resent for this valuable tool in nursing practice.

You owe it to yourself and the patients you serve to continue to enhance your nursing practice through continuing education.

Continuing education provides a wide ranges of benefits to nurses and their patients alike. In the paragraphs to follow, you will gain information that may help you see greater benefit in nursing CE courses. And if you’re require to take take CE courses, you might as well read this to see why-on-earth they are so important.

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