Things to Consider When Choosing to Become a Nurse

Guest Blogger: Joe Whyte

Healthcare professions are growing at a rapid pace and nursing is projected to be one of the quickest growing careers over the next five years. Certified nursing professionals are in high demand, so if you are considering a career in nursing, you have made a great choice. You can attend courses in a traditional classroom setting or through any of the accredited online colleges.

Why Choose Nursing?
Because the number of our nation’s aging population is constantly rising as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, this situation has created a serious demand for huge variety of healthcare services. That’s why there are so many different nursing employment opportunities available offering lots of benefits, highly competitive salaries and employment incentives. Fortunately, there are many accredited online colleges producing highly qualified people that can help ease this rapidly growing need.

There are many types of nursing career choices available. You can choose a working environment that closely fits your preferences and tastes. Some of the career tracks available in nursing include:

· Private Duty Nursing – Dedicated to a single patient either in a medical center or elder care facility. You will need to maintain communication between the physician and close relatives according to specific situations.

· Hospital Nurse – Most nursing professionals generally work in hospitals. A hospital nurse generally cares for hospital patients and sees to their daily needs.

· Operating Room Nurse – An Operating Room nurse must thoroughly understand the use of modern operating room equipment, the type of procedures the physician is doing and learn to anticipate the kinds of tools the physician will need. Operating room nurses must be ready to assist surgeons and their teams at a moments’ notice. Additionally, a operating room nurse will also need to manage various organizational tasks in the operating theatre, and mediate between the various hospital departments, the physicians, and hospital management.

· Home Care Nurse – This type of nursing care is growing significantly in the healthcare industry. Today, Home Care Nurses perform in urban areas, remote rural locales and small towns, visiting patient after patient to monitor each one’s needs and care regimen. Home care nurses must communicate regularly with family,  doctors and other medical professionals.

· Health Coach Nurse – A health coach works directly with you to create a plan to meet your health goals, based entirely on your history, current lifestyle, and hurdles or struggles. Obtaining a healthier life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some people have obesity in their genetics, others might not have access to a gym and need encouragement to be more active. They will look at the big picture and help you every step of the way.

Earning Your Nursing Degree
In order to begin your profession in nursing, you must be qualified. Even though you can begin your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse, an advanced nursing degree will increase your employability and bring you higher salaries. You will have much more flexibility in mapping out your nursing career. Aside from the traditional classroom-based nursing programs, you can now earn your nursing degree from accredited online colleges. The significant benefit of earning your nursing degree online is that you can attend classes anywhere there is an internet connection according to your daily schedule.

Getting Started
In order to get a nursing job that fits your lifestyle and routine, start by visiting websites like or These websites are dedicated to locating short-term, part-time, full-time and traveling nurses throughout the United States. Nurses can also post their curriculum vitae and availability on websites like or for potential employers to view, which is another great way to discover nursing job possibilities and start your nursing career.

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