11 Powerful Nurse Prayers to Keep You Going

Being a nurse is one of the hardest things in the world. Too often nurses become burned out because they feel like they just give and give. Many nurses find that nurse prayers, prayers for healing, or a Bible verse can offer just what they need to keep on going.

11 Powerful Nurses Prayers to Keep You Going

Nurses Prayer Bracelet

nurse prayers
A Nurses Prayer Bangle Bracelet, made from solid 925 sterling silver, the bracelet has a hook and ring closure. On the front there is engraved a Nurses Prayer, that reads:

Lord, Guide My
Hands and My
Heart as I Care For
My patients

Nurse’s Prayer Inspirational Wood Sign

nurse prayers
This prayer helps nurses remember that sometimes a gentle touch and patience are all that are needed to make a huge difference.

Personalized Nurse Steel Key chain

nurse prayers
Maybe you love the above prayer but want it so you can carry it as a reminder. This dog tag key chain is the perfect option.

Nurse Prayer Bracelet

nurse prayers
This is one of my favorites. So simple yet effective. This beautiful stainless steel nurses prayer bangle bracelet features a hand polished laser engraved stainless steel nurses prayer charm, detailed silver medical cadecus charm and, sparkling clear genuine swarovski crystal.

A Nurse’s Prayer asking for strength, compassion and a healing touch

nurse prayers
A wonderful nurse demonstrates faith, compassion, caring and concern while giving a loving touch to those in need. This is such a beautiful prayer asking for strength and guidance at the dawn of each new day.

A Nurse’s Prayer Decorative Pillow

nurse prayers
Fall asleep in comfort or relax while remembering that nursing really is a selfless service and you answered the calling to serve others.

A Nurse’s Blessing

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Not a traditional prayer but a wonderful blessing for any nurse in your life. Rain down your blessings on this nurse and those whom she holds dear.

A Nurses Prayer Magnet

11 Powerful Nurse Prayers to Keep You Going - 51UHhpfs19L
The nurses prayer magnet would be the perfect addition to any fridge. I love the last line so much.

Nurse’s Prayer Candle Holder

11 Powerful Nurse Prayers to Keep You Going -
A wonderful addition to your room. Imagine drifting off to sleep while praying for peace that you did your very best at work.

Nurses’ Prayer Coffee Mug

11 Powerful Nurse Prayers to Keep You Going - 418hj7Uz7L
Finally a mug that you can keep at the nurses station. It has a simple prayer on it, “Let me touch each one with healing hand and the gentle art for which I stand.”

40 Prayers for Nurses

11 Powerful Nurse Prayers to Keep You Going - 41RFdWunyTL
Maybe one of the other nurse prayers don’t speak to you. This book features 40 different prayers for nurses. You are sure to find one that is powerful to you.

For other nurse prayers, check out these:

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