Share your Nursing Words of Wisdom and Fly for Free

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Share Your Nursing Words of Wisdom and Fly for Free

Nursing is a career with many opportunities to learn as well as pass knowledge on to others. Throughout your years in nursing you’ve no doubt received countless words of wisdom, but do you remember the best piece of nursing advice you ever received?

My Most Memorial Nursing Words of Wisdom

I remember the two nurses who have been most inspiring to me. They were friends and mentors to me in a time in my career where I needed it most. Those nurses are Michelle and Stacy.

The Wisdom of Michelle

Michelle worked with me on day shift right after I graduated nursing school. She had a dry sense of humor and had a high level of patience for all my questions and new-nurse confusion. She made me laugh and supported me when others were mean to me. She was a friend and mentor to me when I felt alone and outnumbered on the floor. She taught me many technical and time management skills, but more importantly she was kind to me when I needed it the most. The best wisdom I received from her was everyone makes mistakes and it’s more important that we learn from them.

The Compassion of Stacy

Stacy worked with me on night shift. When I was moved to the night shift (through no desire of my own) Stacy threw me a party to let me know how excited she was I was coming to work with her team. She is a patient and compassionate nurse and taught me more about being caring and empathetic than any nurse I’ve ever worked with. It is because of Stacy that I truly understood how to manage pain effectively. The best nursing advice I received from her was prioritize to always make sure that a patient never had to wait for things they needed.

I think of Stacy and Michelle and draw inspiration from them often.

What Was Your Best Nursing Advice?

Now’s your chance to dig deep and find those pieces of nursing advice that have truly made a difference in your career. Use those nursing nuggets of wisdom to cash in on some free travel!

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9 thoughts on “Share your Nursing Words of Wisdom and Fly for Free”

  1. Hello, Nerdy Nurse & friends, I am about to graduate from nursing school and I am heartened by the encouraging posts here, especially nurse Stacy who threw a party to the newcomer of the night shift crew! How creative and compassionate!

    To say I am nervous would be an understatement, and I am praying for kind nurses as yourselves to be there while I am acclimating and learning the ropes for the next 10 years! 🙂 (at least!)

    Thank you all.

  2. Diane Greco Allen

    I practiced nursing for 8 years, married a Doctor, had 4 children in 5 years, have been a patient in the present medical system for 35 plus years and cared for two parents with cancer and diabetes for over 17 years. My advice to all in nursing, learn about natural nutrition and if you want to advance in Nutrition, do it with a program that is integrative holistic medecine or functional medicine. PS. Sometimes, Less is better than more in life, and holistic is a way of life. My best to all nurses especially Brittney Wilson… your character !! LOVE to all who CARE !!

  3. In my first semester of nursing school, my clinical instructor gave me and a few of my classmates some advice that I still remember to this day. She told us to “never take shortcuts, always take smartcuts”. This was about 4 years ago and I still keep it in the back of my mind.

  4. I was told NEVER to get confortable/complaceny in nursing because that’s when mistakes start to happen. My mentor told me is I find myself in a limbo, I need a challenge and to switch sub-specialties (I’ll be a peds nurse 4eva!)

  5. Dr Rachel Silva, DNP

    It would be interesting if Fastaff shared all the words of wisdom submitted. Then, maybe you could share it with your readers if they gave the “wisdom” they gained from the giveaway 🙂

  6. Dr Rachel Silva, DNP

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for sharing this give a way, The Nerdy Nurse®. I’m going to participate. Is there anyway the word of wisdom given can be shared with your readers?

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