25 Outstanding Medical Blogs By Nurses

I am honored to be included on a list for 25 Outstanding Medical Blogs By Nurses created by QuickMed. Many of the nurses on this list are my friends and I admire their work online. A few of them I’ve even had the pleasure to meet in real life!

Here is a snippet of their descriptions of some of my favorites from the list:

Code Blog

Health care professionals are often depicted on television and films yet most of these stories focus on the doctors and patients. Nurses are often overlooked; this blog provides readers with the perspective of nurses, their experiences, and how they are expected to perform. There are many entries in this blog that are inspired by the working experiences of the nurse described very well and in great detail. It is a very well written, informative, and touching blog.

Crass Pollination

Nurses must choose their jobs because they are determined to help people and save lives, otherwise experiencing what they do on a daily basis is impossible. This blog tells of experiences of an ER nurse and about the patients that come in to the hospital. It shares a lot of insight on addictions and the people that go through them. Well written, sweet, and very touching – it is a must read.

Adventures of Hood Nurse

As with all professions, some areas of the nursing profession are more challenging than others; the experiences, covered in this blog, of a nurse in a hospital in the hood are really funny and entertaining. It shows the attitude people have towards nurses and how patients often treat them. The blogger also covered her transition to a new hospital; she described the differences in the patients, equipment and attitude towards nurses, between the two hospitals.


A very good blog that is written by a nurse with 33 years of experience. It is informative and sarcastic, shows the care and compassion given by nurses, and also lets the reader in to feel the funny side of situations, encountered by a nurse. The blogger writes not only about life as an ER nurse but also about life outside the hospital. It is a very well written blog that provides an insight into the changes of the nursing profession over the last 33 years.

Those Emergency Blues

The blog tells of the experience of a nurse from Toronto who works in the Emergency Department RN. The writing is simple and very easy to read. It is informative and funny and also talks about the raw deal nurses get as opposed to other health care professionals. This blog is an excellent read and provides just the right amount of both humor and reality.

Impacted Nurse

This blog talks about the problems faced by nurses and how often they do nothing about it. It talks about long shift hours, not being able to take a bathroom break, dealing with rude patients, and how they often end up losing their sense of empathy and sensitivity. It also provides information about health care events that are going on and details about the events. It is a good blog to read, and most nurses will probably relate to these stories.

Digital Doorway

This is a blog written by a person who coaches nurses. The blog itself provides information about nursing and how nurses are often more aware of the quality of care being provided at the hospital as compared to other people in the health care industry. This blog is very well written and guides nurses on how to lead more fulfilling and happier lives.

JParadisi RN’s Blog

This blog is written by a nurse with 24 years of experience. She has an interest in art and science, and talks about her experiences as a nurse in the departments she has worked in, including the department of adult oncology where she is currently working as a nurse. The nurse also gives her opinions on a lot of current topics. The blog is well written and is an interesting read for anyone curious about art and nursing.

Off the Charts

The American Journal of Nursing provides information to nursing about a range of topics from medical issues, and attire for nurses to the licenses a nurse must have and needs. This site provides very valuable information to nurses, and aims to inspire them about every aspect of their profession. The site also invites entries from nurses about their experiences providing real experiences and feelings. Anyone in the health care field will find information and experiences shared in this blog very useful and enlightening

The Makings of a Nurse

This blog is about a nurse and her experiences, both professional and personal. The blog is funny and has a lot of stories about how she deals with aging, her work, and her life. It is a very good blog with a lot of insight on how she deals with night shifts, tending to patients, and working up the confidence for dealing with other aspects of her life.

The Nursing Show – For Nurses by Nurses

This site provides articles and podcasts, covering the latest news about nursing and health care developments. The site has a number of articles about nursing practices and has many top nurses as guests in their episodes. The site also provides information about moving to a better, more sustainable future; popular topics that include the advantages of smart cars, walking, and the importance of nature for children, are covered in an articulate manner. Practicing nurses and nursing students will find this site very useful.

To see the entire list you need to check out 25 Outstanding Medical Blogs By Nurses

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