Top 9 Nursing Shoes For Men

top 9 nursing shoes for men

More often than not, men are unjustly forgotten when it comes to nursing equipment and apparel, but not this time. Male nurses work the same long hours as their female counterparts and thus deserve their own list of comfortable nursing shoes to keep their aches and pains to a minimum. The best nursing shoes for men are subjective, but we will be detailing the most popular. Here you will find the top 10 nursing shoes for men because we don’t want the valuable 7% of the nursing workforce to be forgotten.

We love male nurses, and we want to help you take care of your feet too!

#1 – Dickies Medical Men’s SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing ShoeDickies Medical Men's SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe

The Dickies Medical Men’s SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe, which is available in either solid white or solid black, has an MSRP of $77.00. This washable leather upper with a padded collar and moisture absorbing lining is not only lightweight and flexible but the perfect men’s nursing shoe for wearing long hour. It can be found for about 12% less on

#2 – Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe


For a more sleek design, without compromising comfort, men can choose the Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe. This leather upper features a rubber sole, Keen.Cush PU and memory foam foot bed and a medial side gore for maximum comfort and fit. Available in both solid black or white with detail on the toe, this shoe can be found for slightly less than MSRP of $110.00 and free Prime shipping on

#3 – Standing Comfort Men’s Explorer Slip-On

clip_image006Standing Comfort Men’s Explorer Slip-On is slightly more expensive, with an MSRP of $112.95, but fortunately, you can find it on for around 7% less. This full-grain, water-resistant leather upper features a rubber sole, steel shank and extra firm heel stabilizer. This men’s nursing shoe is available in either solid black or solid white.

#4 – K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoeclip_image008

If you prefer to tie your shoes on for a tighter, more solid fit, the K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe may be perfect for you. This soft action upper is comprised mostly of leather with some synthetic fabrics and a rubber sole, which provides maximum traction and stability. For added comfort, the heel collar and tongue are both padded and the lining is breathable and designed to wick away moisture. This K-Swiss shoe, available in black or white, has an MSRP of $55.00, but you can spend about 23% less by shopping on

#5 – Dansko Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog


The Dansko Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog, made of black leather with a rubber manmade sole, offers a sleek professional appearance to any male nurse’s feet. Their female counterpart has been one of the most popular shoes for nurses for many years. These shoes are easy to clean, with comfort to spare, this shoe has an MSRP of $123.00. However, as typically the case on, you can find it for less!

#6 – Dickies Men’s Leather Step Inclip_image012

Although quite similar to the SRMEXAM Step-In, this Dickies Men’s Leather Step In has a slightly lower MSRP of $70.00 and can be purchased on 16% less. Available in both wide and regular widths, this men’s nursing shoe offers a slip-resistant sole, is lightweight and washable and is available in either black or white.

#7 –Skechers For Work Men’s Keystone Sneaker


Although more often associated with women’s shoes, Skechers Brand has created a simple, yet comfortable Men’s Keystone Sneaker complete with a slip-resistant rubber outsole and a compression molded EVA Midsole. This nursing shoe for men is comprised of both leather and synthetic fabrics. The Keystone Sneaker by Skechers sells for approximately 21% less than the MSRP of $55.00 on, and is offered in both solid black and solid white.

#8 – K-Swiss MST329 Men’s Athletic Shoeclip_image016

K-Swiss has another shoe making our list of top ten nursing shoes for men with their K-Swiss MST329 Men’s Athletic Shoe. This shoe offers not only comfort, but a little more in the color category, with colors such as black and silver, all white, and white and silver and a combo of all three. A completely leather upper with a rubber outsole and compression molded EVA midsole, the MST329 has an MSRP of $77.00 but sells for approximately 23% less on

#9 –MOZO Men’s Sharkz Hospital Shoe


A bit out of the ordinary, but adding slightly more style to your step is the MOZO Men’s Sharkz Hospital Shoe. This shoe is available in all black or a white/black checkerboard pattern. It is comprised of leather and synthetic materials with a lightweight molded base and sidewall ventilation to help manage moisture and heat. Furthermore, the insoles are designed with the Tripe Fit System for moisture absorption and the outsoles are Spider Traction Max to keep them slip-resistant. The MSRP on the MOZO Men’s Sharkz Hospital Shoe is $70.00, but can be yours for 16% less if purchased on

So fellas, you can’t say that this nursing blog is leaving you out. We sought out footwear specifically for our favorite murses this time around. While purchasing any of these nursing shoes for men at will save you money, you will not be compromising style, comfort or durability! Your feet will thank you!

Oh and, ladies, I’ve got you covered as well, check out the Top 10 Nursing Shoes for Women . In case you are wondering, on my opinion the best shoes for nurses are Timberland Renova Pro.

We’d like to know if any of you are wearing any of these and what recommendations you have. What are the best nursing shoes for men in your opinion? Leather, sneakers, clogs, something else all together? Sound off and let us know.


  1. Chris says

    Hello! I am a man in nursing school …. and I need minimalistic shoes. I need shoes that are flat thin and flexible on the bottom. I don’t care what the tops are like as long as they are accepting for nursing work. Do I have any options?

  2. says

    Thanks for this article. I had to take a two year break from nursing when I developed bilateral plantar fasciitis (aka “the nurse’s curse”) and having better shoes would have helped. Now I have to take a nurse refresher class where they insist we must all wear completely white shoes. Seems like a 1970s timewarp considering the nurses on my oncology unit mostly wore day-glow colored Crocs – but whatever. Thus your article on shoes has been helpful as I try to find white men’s nursing shoes.

    • says

      I’m glad it was helpful to you.
      I’ve always thought it was odd how nursing students were required to wear white shoes. Perhaps it’s a throwback to when we wore all white.

      I hope things are going well for you in your refresher course. Which shoes did you end up picking out?

  3. valentinogaremi says

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  4. Dom says

    If you are wearing these you are by far the gayest guy in the room. I have been male nurse for 8 years and there are much better options out there for comfort that still allow your male status to stay intact.

  5. says

    roadtripnursing TheNerdyNurse wgambill26
    I personally did not have the most stellar experience with Dansko. In their defense, however, I believe I probably bought a pair that were a half size too small. I have had many nurses swear by them. It’s not your feet you buy them for, however, it’s your back.

  6. says

    @Joe TheNerdyNurse wgambill26 Have you tried looking online? I’ve had much better luck finding shoes in the right size and the right price when I search online.

  7. says

    TheNerdyNurse wgambill26 I just recently swapped over to wearing Dansko’s after trying just about every other brand of tennis shoes I could find. I’m still on the fence about them after a week or so but I’m hoping they will start feeling better after a little more time breaking in.

  8. Joe says

    TheNerdyNurse wgambill26 I love the Dickies men’s medicals, but it is difficult to find them in my size (11w). I would recommend these to any guy looking for a good pair of hospital shoes.

  9. says

    wgambill26 You know I’ve seen a few men wear clogs, but most of them stick to sneakers. And sneakers are fine and all, but I don’t think that most of the cloth sneakers that men wear are suitable. I’d much prefer a leater shoe or some other inpermeable substance to prevent fluids and sharps from reaching my toes! 

    I think most men probably don’t even consider that there are options available, really.

  10. wgambill26 says

    I am about to graduate with my BSN and I have noticed in the hospital that we are doing our clinicals that very few of the males wear clogs. I habe worked in the clinical setting before and had a cheap pair of clogs that were not too bad. I honestly prefer flat shoes like a pair of Vans but have found that canvas material and an ER setting dont mix well. So I decided to buy a pair of Springfields made by Klogs. I haven’t received them yet. My point or points is, why do men not seem to wear clogs? Is it just the hospital I am at or is it because they are viewed as to feminine? Also, what is the reputation of the Klogs brand?

  11. says

    Hey, thanks, the guy recognition alone is much appreciated, let alone such detailed advice! I’ve been using a pair of so far invincible & very comfy black leather Dansko clogs for about a year now, for far more (curse you malls!) $ than you list, but when they die (they all do soon enough), I’ll be sure to check your list.


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