Best Shoes for Nurses: Timberland PRO Renova Professional Footwear Review

timberland pro renova review

If there is one thing every nurse needs it’s a good pair of shoes. Finding the best shoes for nurses should be the goal of any nurse who spends 12 hours shifts on his/her feet. But it’s not just about a comfortable pair of nursing shoes, but also a stylish and functional pair that could trick your feet into thinking they haven’t been working long 12 hour shifts. You know, super-awesome nursing shoes that don’t really look like nurses shoes, and that your feet practically thank you for wearing. The kind of nursing shoes that make you say “This has got to be the best nursing shoe on the planet!” and make the perfect complement to any nursing uniform or scrubs.

I’ve found them.

Timberland PRO® Renova™ Professional Slip-On


Timberland PRO Renova Professional for nurses and caregivers

These stylish shoes are honestly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had the privilege to wear and in my humble opinion they are the best nursing shoes. They are also stylish and easy to keep clean. The chestnut brown leather pair I have work well with scrubs or office attire and are way more comfortable than anything else I’ve ever put on my feet.

white dansko danskos nursing shoesI remember when I started nursing school, all I wanted was a pair of white leather Dansko’s. They ultra-elite $110 shoes were what I thought all nurses had to have to function well of the floor. I was convinced that they were surely the best nursing shoes you could get.

I got them, I wore them. I tried to love them. I tried really hard. But the $110 investment couldn’t even make me love them. They were hard, uncomfortable, and I constantly felt like I was going to roll my ankle in them.

In my humble opinion, Dansko’s are not the best shoes for nurses.

The Timberland Renova Pro are.

timberland renova pro review

The Timberland Renova PRO are a soft-soled nursing shoe that go above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve worn many pairs of shoes as a nurse. I’ve worn clogs to sneakers, hard and soft soled shoes, and cheap and expensive shoes. Most of the shoes I’ve worn have all had at least one downfall. If they were comfortable, then they were ugly. If they made my feet feel good, the didn’t support my arch or back at all. If they did those two things, they had cloth tops that were impossible to keep clean.

There was always something about them that made them less than perfect. Always some small way they were lacking. Until this shoe.

timberland renova pro review

One thing I always look for in nursing shoes is a smooth and easy to clean surface. You just don’t get that in a sports shoe. There are always a ton of nooks and crannies for bacteria and bodily fluids to hide in. Then you can take all those little germies right home to your loved-ones. But at least with a smooth leather shoe you have the ability to wipe it off with those purple “kill-all” wipes at the end of the day. The Timberland Pro Renova got you covered in that area.

I also appreciate a leather nursing shoe because of protection they offer to your feet. Although it’s a rarity, If you drop a sharp on your toes, it’s nice to know you have that little bit of extra protection keeping your free of blood-borne pathogens. For the safety of the leather alone, they Renova Pro are awesome.

I was convinced that there had to be something inside these shoes that gave me a little more pep in my step. And low-and-behold there is!

The Timberland PRO® RenovaTM series has innovative Anti-Fatigue Technology in the midsole that offers all-day standing tolerance. Inverted molded cones collapse and return energy in key pressure zones, providing leg and back support as well as superior shock absorption, making each step lighter through those long shifts.

These shoes not only have your feet’s comfort in mind, but they want to make sure your joints in your ankles, knees, and hips are taken care of too!

timberland renova pro nurses shoeThe Timberland PRO® RenovaTM series has a heel-to-toe rocker sole that aids in controlling proper joint motion through the ankles, knees and hips. It features an anatomically rounded heel that helps soften the impact of every step, reducing forefoot pressure and providing maximum comfort all day long.

But don’t take my word or Timberland’s for it. Try them. They give you a 30-day Comfort Guarantee! If you aren’t convinced they are the more comfortable than any other brand you’ve worn, they will by them back. And that’s after you’ve got all those hospital germs all over them. Guess they’ll get those for free. That is, if you could bear to part with the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own.

You can learn more about Timberland PRO Renova Professional and Caregiver series or pick up your own pair for between $60 to $110 depending on style and color preference.

Or pick them up on Amazon for a few bucks less.

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of Timberland PRO Renova Professional series shoes at no cost to me. I was not encouraged to give a positive review. I was not compensated for my opinion. These shoes really are the most comfortable I have ever put on my feet, and I was thrilled to be able review them and share my opinions on them with you.



  1. says

    Thank you for taking the time to post this review! I know it’s a couple years old but still helpful. I was trying to decide between some Algeria shoes these and you helped me decide. Thank you for your detailed review.

  2. Jenny O says

    Thank you for the Timberland Pro Renova recommendation. I am not a nurse, but stand on my feet for my job for long periods of time. I am 60 years old and finding the right shoe has been a life priority as of late. After trying at least a half a dozen shoes and returning them all, I purchased this shoe and cannot say enough about it’s comfort. Thank you!!
    You might want to ask older women what they purchase and their recommendations. For the most part, feet of a 30 year old do not experience the same problems as women my age.
    Thank you again!! Jenny O.

  3. Lana says

    I bought these last year to start Nursing school and I absolutely love them! I will now be working 12 hour shifts and these will be the only shoes I will ever buy!

  4. mcrnencc says

    Thanks SO much for the recommendation! As an ER nurse – with screws/plates in place to an ankle #/dislocation 8 yrs ago – I am constantly on the look out for footwear that is kind to me. I live in an area of Canada where there are no retail outlets for Timberlands – but will be visiting my folks in Florida next month – and these shoes will be at the TOP of my shopping list!

  5. says

    I still can’t veer away from my traditional tennis shoes. Currently using the Nike ‘rocker’ walking shoes – they seem to be the most comfortable, most resistant, and well quite stylish.
    I’ve tried Crocs before – but they don’t have the support. I’ve never tried clog-like shoes yet. I’m quite skeptical.
    Thanks for the review!

    • says

      You just might like them! The support they offer is great and the heel almost propels you forward. I’ve worn other “clog-type” nursing shoes before and these are the best. They are also very lightweight, which not been the case with many other shoes I’ve worn.
      Ditch the sneakers, you may find you love these!

  6. says

    I just might have to try these. I like how they look. I loved my Crocs, but they are not good for feet and are now banned at my hospital. I currently wear Danskos, but they are hard. The other night I acually did turn my heel in them when transporting a patient! I have big wide feet. Are these pretty wide? I have noticed that some shoes seem more for narrower feet.


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