Male Vs. Female Nurses [Infographic]

As the world changes, there will be an increased need for nurses. Many men shy away from joining the nursing profession due to gender stereotypes. According to the latest statistics, of all of the nurses currently on the job, only 5.8% are men. This means that more than 94% of nurses are women.

The economy is one in which male nurses can have a promising career. Over 700,000 jobs in the industry will be available in the next few years. Men typically earn more than $1,100 per week which is a competitive starting salary in today’s job market.

One reason why men often shy away from becoming a nurse is that society expects women to be nurses. It is viewed as a caretaking job so women are viewed as the best nurses due to their maternal instincts.

Men can become a nurse by completing a college degree and earning state certification. There will be a huge shortage of qualified nursing applicants by 2020 in almost all of the 50 states. Colleges should consider encouraging men to apply for nursing degree programs.

When choosing a career, it is important for there to be a demand which there is in the health care industry. More than 60% of the nursing jobs that will need to be filled are located at hospitals. Everyone will most likely need medical care at a hospital at some point in their lives so as the country’s population increases there will be more nurses needed.

The country as a whole needs to try to bridge the gender gap between men and women when it comes to nursing. There are millions of men across the country that could excel in the industry and contribute to the overall health of their local communities.

Infographic via: Carrington College

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