Nursing Careers 2013: What Cities Have the Most Opportunities?

With an aging population, there are nursing opportunities everywhere, but why not follow the snowbirds down south and enjoy a little sun and surf as well as growing employment. Fort Walton, Florida has a little of both and is a wonderful place to start a nursing career. Unlike some northern states, Florida’s population is growing and with it the need for health care workers in general and nurses specifically.

What is Research Nursing and How Can You Make it Your Career?

Have you ever wanted to use your nursing degree to make a bigger difference in the world? Taking care of patients at the bedside is vital and it’s improving the world one life at a time, but what if you could improve the world in a different way? What if you could use your nursing background to improve nursing research through research nursing?

6 Social Issue Highlighted In The Media

The media has been discussing six topics related to the social behaviors and actions of Americans. These include eating disorders, elderly treatment in care homes, ageism, cyber-bullying, Internet fraud, and mistreatment of the mentally ill. It is actually sad to see that these are actually issues that are present in our country. What you will read here is a bit about each issue, and what you can do to help prevent these issues, or protect your loved ones from harm caused by these issues.

Life After a Pituitary Tumor

About a year ago I had a headache that wouldn’t go away. It lasted days and was one of the worst pains I had ever experienced in my life. I had started a new job a few months before this started and I didn’t want to miss any time at work. But the headache continued and grew with intensity. I finally decided to visit the neurologist after a 4 day migraine and ultimately discovered I had a pituitary tumor.

5 Free Medical and Healthcare Apps

Mobile Health (“mHealth”), the use of mobile technology to deliver healthcare services and information, skyrocketed in 2012. 44 million health apps will have been downloaded by the end of the year (predicted to reach 142 million downloads by 2016), and consumers are now spending $700 million per year on these apps. There are over 10,000 health apps in the iTunes app store, the number of American using smartphones for health information grew from 61 million to 75 million this year, and88% of doctors would like patients to monitor their health at home.

9 Things That Suck About Black Friday

sale sign

Every year the stores open up earlier and earlier to entice the crowds of holiday deal-searches. Although you may be able to score a few items at a discounted rate, the deals do not come without other sacrifices. The mobs of people chasing after discounted flat screens to put under their Christmas trees might be be enough to scare off some shoppers, but there are other annoyances to consider.

Why Do Nurses Have Such Poor Morale?

stressed upset nurse

If you’ve ever worked on a nursing unit then you know that sometimes it seems like everybody is in a foul mood.

Many factors likely contribute to the poor morale on some nursing units. For example, if the house supervisor decided to cut the aide or extra nurse who was on shift and the other nurses are forced to pick up more patients. Or it could be a holiday and many nurses are forced to work rather than spend time with their families. Perhaps there is poor management and some employees get special treatment while others are forced into working unfair shifts.

Is Fast Food The Only Option During Busy Days?

Times have changed. Life has gotten so fast-paced that people don’t even get time to eat properly. Everyone is so involved in work that they just want to get done with other things quickly, and get back to work. During busy days, people like to go for fast food and other unhealthy meals. Why?

Because they are easy and convenient to grab without requiring much time to prepare. Did you know you’re affecting your health by eating such meals? It is going to haunt you in the long term, and can affect your work. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid such meals.

Nursing: One of the Top Unhappiest Jobs

It’s interesting to note that the dissatisfaction among nurses does not stem form the labor of nursing itself, but rather the politics involved with working in healthcare. “

Nurses cited compensation, growth opportunities, and workplace culture as the three things they are most dissatisfied with.

“Nurses . . . have more issues with the culture of their workplaces, the people they work with and the person they work for,” Golledge says. “The factors driving the unhappiness tell different stories for these two jobs.”

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