Resources on the Differences Between a Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse

Differences Between a Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse

You have been thinking and thinking about what career path to choose. There are so many options in the health field! You have finally made up your mind: you are going to be a nurse! It just makes perfect sense. You are kind, compassionate, empathetic, have great interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Another tough decision awaits you: LPN or RN? I have rounded up 10 articles that explain the Differences Between a Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse and will help you make that important decision.

20+ Cute and Original Gifts for Nurses

20 Cute and Original Gifts for Nurses

Whether you are shopping for your best friend, or manager, finding the best gifts for nurses doesn’t have to be hard. Sure you could go with something generic, but most nurses appreciate gifts that honor their chosen profession. Look for items that are cute, original, and classy that are sure to touch a nurse’s heart.

Nursing App Review: NCLEX Mastery

Luckily, there is something to address at least one of those unknown fears. Apps like NCLEX Mastery will you nursing students an opportunity to see exactly what NCLEX questions will be like. It provides loads of practice questions so you can really feel confident when you take the NCLEX.

Interested In Nursing? Now What?

playing nurse

There are several ways to start out on your journey depending upon your academic and financial standing right now. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to jump right into a traditional 4-year Registered Nurse (RN) program you can get an Associates Degree in Nursing (ARN) at a Community College, which takes about 2 years, or start out as a Licensed Practical Nurse (or Licensed Vocational Nurse in California and Texas). LPN programs can run as short as 12 months and make a great place to get your feet wet and possibly work while you go back to school to get a higher degree. To be honest, with the high interest rates of student loans and tough admission standards, starting out by getting your LPN or ARN is a good way to see whether or not you truly want to be a nurse, make a little money while you’re going to school, or even get your job to help subsidize your tuition for further education.

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