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7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

There are many blog posts and articles touting the benefits of social media. However, there are few blog posts outlining the career benefits of social media for nurses. This is the post you that answers the question “Can nurses use social media for career success?”

5 Ways to Fund Your Nursing Business

5 Ways to Fund Your Nursing Business

Starting a nursing business may require funding, but there are many different ways to secure the financing to live your dream. Here are 5 great options

Allnurses is not Supportive of Nurses

Allnurses is not Supportive of Nurses

There was a time when I thought that Allnurses promoted online collaboration and support for nurses. I was wrong. Allnurses only intends to support themselves by padding their pocketbooks with ad sales garnered by promoting anonymous rants and gripe sessions. They claim to promote nursing, but they shun any nursing experts who can provide valuable insight to the conversations if that expert happens to have a blog.

The Powershred 73Ci Cross-cut Paper Shredder by #FellowesInc is Great for Healthcare IT

healthcare IT paper shredder

The Fellowes 73Ci delivers the power and functions we need in order to keep protected health information private. In addition to the fact that it is fast and cuts up to 12 pages at once, it can also handle CDs and Credit Cards. CDs may sound like a little bit of over-kills but in healthcare the CD thing is actually pretty relevant. We often give CDs to patients with their health information on them. If we happen to have one lying around then it’s best it be shredded least it wind up in the trash by mistake.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Doctors and Nurses


As a doctor, you are taught early on that your medical practice reputation is of the utmost importance. In fact, it’s drilled into you right from medical school. So here you are worrying about every single patient you see, taking proper notes, making sure you make the right prognosis, and so on. You may even spend sleepless nights making sure everything is perfect. When all along someone could come along and make false accusations, which could seriously damage that reputation.

Travel Technology to Keep Your Devices and Identity Safe and Sound

Have a great set of travel technology can help keep your technology working and in order no matter where you go. You can also enlist the service of a great identity protection service to ensure that your safe from identity theft even if your devices are lost or stolen.

14 Totally Awesome Office Toys and Desk Crap

When I moved from my job as a floor nurse to informatics one of the most exciting things was getting my own office. Among the many perks of cubicle life is getting to have office toys, desk crap, and other entertaining ways to personalize you space. Anyone who comes to my office will not only be able to collaborate with me to help facilitate better processes and standards in nursing documentation but also be thoroughly entertained by my fun desk paraphernalia.

Why Personal Branding is Important for Nurses

Why Personal Branding is Important for Nurses

Even if you’re gainfully and happily employed, you still need to be aware of your personal brand as a professional nurse. Treat your career as a business and market yourself accordingly. Are you happy with the your current income level, your current role, and your current opportunities for growth? Or do you want to to do more in your nursing career? Do you want to grow in your profession? Do you want your business to be a long term success with constant growth, or do you want to stay exactly where you are at in your nursing career?

Nursing Interruptions and Interruption Awareness in Nursing Practice

Do folks realize that I need to concentrate on important details when I am administering medications?

Do they understand that interruptions are a source of medical errors? Sometimes catastrophic ones?

Does anyone care that an environment of endless interruptions can cause horrible stress on caregivers?

Organize Your Life With NeatReceipts Portable Scanner and Digital Filing System: Review

NeatReceipts is a mobile scanner and digital filing system to help you tame that paper monster in your life.

NeatReceipts and the NeatDesk are smart scanning solution that does more than just scan your documents. NeatReceipts transforms your digital documents into and organized and easily manageable file system. If you’re covered in mounds of paper that you just can’t bare to part with The Neat Company may just be your digital savior.

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