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The Nurse Lifestyle is complex. We wear have different priorities, wear different clothes, and have a different perspective on the world than “normal” people. The Nurse Lifestyle category focuses on topics devoted to improving the lifestyle of nurses.

Nursing Interview Questions and Tips

Nursing Interview Questions and Tips

One of the best ways you can prepare for an interview is to practice your answers to some of the most common nursing interview questions. Although no two interviews are exactly the same, most nurse managers ask many of the same types of questions. Getting your thoughts together and ideas of how to answers these questions ahead of time will help you appear confident and prepared during the interview process.

15 Time-Saving Makeup Tips All Female Nurses Need

15 Time-Saving Makeup Tips For Nurses

Ladies, we all know the struggle. We want to look amazing for our job as a nurse, but makeup either takes way too long to put on or it doesn’t last the entire shift, so why bother? Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty. Wearing it can really boost your self-confidence. These makeup tips will save you time and help you feel as amazing as you already are.

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