Buy Glasses Online Cheap – Save Hundreds of $$$ on Prescription Eyeglasses by Buying Online

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nerdy cat eye glassesIn stereotypical nerd fashion, I am an eyeglass wearer. In savvy internet shopper fashion, I know that I can save on prescription eyeglasses by buying them online. Actually, I know I can save hundreds of dollars by buying them online. In this article, we’ll share tips and details about how to buy glasses online cheap.

One of the biggest annoyances in wearing eyeglasses is the constant smudges, dirt, dust, oil, fingerprints, toddler drool, toothpaste, oatmeal and other oddities that can find their way onto my lenses. Luckily, many advances in eyewear technology are becoming available to improve our glasses-wearing experiences.

One technology, which peeks my interest is Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Reflective oleophobic coating. This innovation in lenses will help them to repel water, oil, dust, and fingerprints in addition to reducing the major annoyance of reflections.

We all know us glasses wearers hate that glare that often shows on lenses after a flash. So for some additional awesomeness in nerdy eyewear innovation, the coating will also effectively make your glasses less reflective in photographs.

Anything that reduces the amount of time and energy I have to invest in keeping my glasses clean is fine by me!

Here’s something I can tell you from personal experience. Buying glasses in a retail store is a rip-off. You pay hundreds of dollars for frames and lenses that often take weeks to receive. Oh and, wearing glasses doesn’t weaken your eyesight.

A Glasses Buying Secret



You can buy prescription glasses online for a fraction of what you pay in a retail store!

I’m talking frames and prescription lenses starting a $20.

zeeloo pink nerd glasses

This pair of pink nerd glasses is only $20.95!

Where To Buy Cheap Glasses Online?


You can buy gorgeous designer style frames with lenses for around$20 (usually with free shipping) at Zeeloo.

Shipping doesn’t kill the deal either because it’s only $4.95. Or if you get a few pairs of glasses, or a pair with all the bells and whistles, it will be free if your order is over $50.

These glasses are an exceptional value. They are high in quality and are clear and effective. By eliminating the middleman in the process of eyeglass buying, Zeeloo can bring you a great value in prescription eyewear.

You’ll need to get an eye exam (which is usually around $20) and make sure you get them to give you your PD (pupillary distance) as well. Often the eyeglass shops will neglect to put this information on your prescription, but it is part of your prescription and you need it in order to order your glasses. But if you can’t get them to give you your PD (and trust me, some of those folks are quite rude in their refusal) you figure out your own PD.

Then just go online, order, and have a new pair of glasses in about the same time it would take to order frames from a retail store. You’ll be happy with your glasses and really happy with the hundreds of dollars you saved in the process! Because seriously, you can by glasses online for cheap.

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5 thoughts on “Buy Glasses Online Cheap – Save Hundreds of $$$ on Prescription Eyeglasses by Buying Online”

  1. Thanks for the great article–I’m definitely going to go this route when I’m due for my next pair of glasses 🙂

  2. EXCELLENT information…glasses are SOOO expensive…it really boggles my mind as to how they justify the cost. I haven’t checked out the links here yet but I wonder if you can get sunglasses too….I’m in the market. Thanks Brittney for a great share!

  3. I’ve been doing this since 2003; funny thing is that when I went to Costcos to get my eye prescription, I told the lady there to just give me my prescription as I would get my glasses online. (I use a different store).

    I get the anti glare, anti scratch glasses and the pair I choose online runs me about 60 dollars (70ish with the fast shipping). A similar frame with the same options was running me 120 dollars at Costco and that was using their cheapest frame, and it wasn’t as good as the one online.

    Had I gotten the frame I wanted at Costco, then it would have been around 180 dollars, and if I had gone to one of those mall shops, then it would have been 200+ dollars. The lady didn’t believe me and she said that the quality must be inferior so I told her that once I got the online glasses, I would bring them in and she could check them out.

    Once I received them in the mail, she took them to the optician and the guy said that the lens were of a cheaper quality, but it wouldn’t have any effect on my eyes. The lady there ended up getting the online address and on my next yearly visit, she said she was buying her glasses for her kids online. Saved a lot of money that way.

    Almost 9 years later, and people still don’t believe me I get my glasses online. Go figure! 😀

    1. Chris,

      When I first started doing this and called my optometrist they refused to give me my PD, which is a needed part of your prescription. I told that it was my medical record and I was entitled to it. He actually told me that because he sold frames, he had the right to keep it from me. He specifically said that the online glasses retailers were stealing his business and refused to give me the information.
      I was furious.
      Needless to say, I’ll never see that guy again.
      But it was a clear indication to me that they are becoming more aware of this trend and hopefully will mean they will be proactive in their business strategies by pricing glasses more competitively in retail stores.

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