5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes


 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes
Alegria Nursing Shoes

I’ve always known that Alegria nurse shoes were super popular, but I held out on trying them for a long time. For several years, I swore by supportive and orthopedic nursing shoes. I would order pairs of shoes from several sellers- and wished I could make fine adjustments to tweak them to my liking. But now I sing the praises of Alegria- a popular European shoemaker- which has a distinctive line of shoes that are both easy to walk in and look great.

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes

We’ve outlined the best Alegria nurse shoes in this comparison table to make it easier to find the one that is right for you. You can click “Read More” in the table to jump to the section in this article outlining more information about it. Or, you can click the “Buy from Amazon.com” button to pick it up immediately.

Rank Image Product Rating Price More Buy it Now
1 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41sNucmNYIL Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat 4.5 $$ Read More 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - small orange
2 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 51WYevaJUhL Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On 4 $$ Read More 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - small orange
3 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41Z8MXZB5aL Alegria Women’s Alli Flat 4 $$ Read More 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - small orange
4 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41c2BEoyL8L Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe 4.5 $$ Read More 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - small orange
5 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41kR7y9Hu1L Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe 4 $$ Read More 5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - small orange

Why do I like Alegria nurse shoes? If you’re anything like me, you’ll love to wear shoes that have some style to it, and are quite easy to get in and out of. Alegria does just that.

Alegria makes shoes that look good and are pretty comfortable at the same time. What stands out for me, though, is that these shoes come with a rocker outsole, similar to what you see in the Skechers fitness shoes or Masai balance shoes, but not just as extreme.

Here are some of the best Alegria nursing shoes.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41sNucmNYIL

My first impression of this Mary Jane is aptly summed up here- “it is very tempting to wear and feels very comfortable”.

The Paloma Professional’s strong suit is its glove-like fit, followed by other details like the bright animal-print leather upper, an anatomically shaped footbed for better arch support, a cushioned platform sole, and a specially engineered rocker outsole. What’s more, these shoes come in a wide assortment of sizes and colors- so there’s one for everyone.

Well-built, durable and smartly priced, Alegria’s Paloma FlatAlegria’s Paloma Flat is definitely one of the best Alegria shoes out there and I can’t imagine a more comfortable and stylish nursing shoe. It’s no wonder that these Alegria nurse shoes are some of the best!

Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 51WYevaJUhL

If you’re on your feet for several hours straight and are looking for good, durable work shoes that give you better stability, support, and comfort, take a close look at these slip-on nursing shoes from Alegria.

Everything about the Algeria Women’s Debra says “let’s go walking”, beginning with a wide toe box that provides ample room and great comfort; a supportive footbed wrapped in leather and memory foam; a replaceable and contoured insole for a better fit, and a lightweight rocker outsole that gives you a sense of sure-footedness. Other creature comforts include leather uppers; a high, padded heel; and a special elastic goring for slip-on style.

Comes in a variety of sizes and prints to match your wardrobe.

Alegria Women’s Alli Flat

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41Z8MXZB5aL

If you’re looking for a classic, professional nursing shoe that offers comfort and support throughout your shift on hard and greasy surfaces, Alegria’s Alli Solid Flat comes closest.

I picked it as one of my Alegria favorites because it features shiny, stain-resistant leather uppers; a superior adjustable buckle closure for enhanced fit; a soft footbed that is made out of cork and memory foam for optimum comfort; and an Alegria feature in its rocker bottom that is fitted with anti-slip polyurethane outsole.

A champ at offering maximum comfort and sticking to almost any tricky surface, Alegria’s Alli is a great nursing shoe.

Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41c2BEoyL8L

Billed as a classic work clog, Alegria’s Classic Pro is a cut above other nursing shoes of its ilk.
With Alegria Classic Clog, you get genuine leather toughness, a round toe box, the fit and flair of an adjustable buckle strap, the footbed protection of a good insole, and the stability and sure-footed feeling of a robustly designed mild rocker outsole that allows natural gait.

I’ve found them stylish, comfortable and easy to break in, but most importantly, these classic clogs inspire confidence and faith.

They come in medium and wide width options and are available in different sizes and patterns to complement your wardrobe.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes - 41kR7y9Hu1L

Are you on your feet for several hours? Walking up and down the hard, unforgiving concrete floors in the hospital? These value-priced shoes from Alegria can provide the comfort and support you need.

Striking in performance and appearance, Alegria’s Keli makes a classic case for sturdy and well-appointed shoes that look good and can be comfortable at the same time.

The unique look comes from a leather upper and roomy toe box design, plus a well-defined rockered sole that amps up the aesthetic effect and helps natural striding.

Look no further than Alegria Keli if you want support, traction, stability, and all-around comfort in one shoe.

Finding Great Alegria Nurse Shoes

Alegria nurse shoes aren’t exactly cheap. So it’s critical to find deals and sales. Luckily, Amazon.com usually offers these shoes lower than most places in store and online. I always start there when I’m looking for nursing shoes on sale.

For more information on Alegria Nursing Shoes check out:

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5 thoughts on “5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes”

  1. I really like Algeria shoes I work in food service industry, they are slip resistant and at end of day my feet do not hurt! The problem with food service Crew Shoes I find is they have poor ergonomic footbed/ support and sizing is a huge variable. Alegria are true euro fit so if you know your size you can order with confidence also the toe box is roomy so no toe abrasion that leads to painful corns and lastly the shoes are artfully designed and attractive.

  2. I bought my first pair of Alegria and I like the length, feel, and room at the toes but my feet keep coming out of the heel. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen or if I just am unable to wear these shoes due to my very skinny ankles

  3. I have worn my favorite pair for three years. I have trouble with swelling and these are the best shoes you could ever buy. They can be adjusted. If you haven’t tried them you don’t know what you’re missing.?

  4. Hi there,
    I’m having a heck of a time finding this particular brand of shoe where I live. I’ve never wore or even tried an Alegria on but have heard great things about them. Hadn’t ever tried them on I’m apprehensive to just buy some online.
    I love Birkenstocks and they fit my feet to a tee! I’ve got short, fat/wife feet with a high instep and arch. My foot is shaped similar to a ducks minus the flat part. I’m a size 35 in the Birkenstocks.
    I’m quite taken with the Alli Flat.
    Just really curious as to the shape of the Alegria shoes. Are they wide? Narrow? They look kind of like a block, do they fit this way (is the inside of the heel clunky…if that makes sense?)

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts the fit of the Alegria shoes.


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