Things I’m Most Excited to See at CES 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend CES once before so this time around I will have a slight experience advantage in my favor. The first time around I was so in awe of the entire event and Las Vegas in general that I wasn’t really able to take all the technology in like I would have liked. This year, however, I’m preparing and planning and doing my best to create something of a schedule that will help me to ensure I get a chance to see all the cool technologies and events at CES 2014.

So without further delay, here are some of the technologies I am most excited to see at CES 2014:

3D Printing

I know this is probably old hat to most in the know at this point, but I’ve never seen a 3D printer in person and I am really looking forward to watching some consumer models in action. I believe it will still be several years before you’re picking one up at your local electronics store, but it’s still really exciting to think of all the possibilities these devices could have.

4K TVs

imageI remember the very first time I saw an HD television set. I was working at Circuit City and I walked into work one day and “Dream Weaver” began softly playing in the background. Across the store it looked like someone had put a giant picture window right in the middle of the showroom floor and a scene of daisies was visible. I walked over to realize that it was actually a TV producing an image so clear that it looked like you could step right into that field of daisies.

Fast forward several years later and another revolution in TVs in already in our midst. 4K TVs have picture quality that is 4x greater than what we see in current 1080p HDTV technology and my mind is boggled trying even fathom what this will look like.

The technology is going to be too expensive for most for a little while but those prices will shortly fall. And who knows, in a few years we may be seeing $99 4K TVs on sale for Black Friday.

High Resolution Audio

beats by doctor dreI’m no audiophile and  I admit I’m not super excited about the high res audio, but I am interested to see what it’s all about it. From the get-go this has sounded like a bunch of industry hype to me and I just don’t know if I (or other normal people) will be able to tell a difference.

I do know that the MP3s people have are often downgraded and therefor lower quality and that coupled with cheap ear buds is going to cause for a lesser quality audio experience. So hardware is going to be key here.

Presumably the high resolution audio movement might allow people to actually notice a difference I sound with those $300 headphones that were Dr. Prescribed this past holiday season.

Mobile Health

imageI know all the tech journalists and bloggers probably getting tired of seeing new personal fitness devices. But this blogger thinks they haven’t infiltrated the public nearly enough. The price point on most the devices like the Fitbit is still too high for it to be a “must-have” smartphone accessory for most. So I am interested in seeing what competition can drive down the prices.

I’m also interested to see some things at the Digital Health Summit that may actually be related to direct patient care. I am an informatics nurse that supports home care nurses so I’m really interested to see if there have been any leaps and bounds made in technology to support nurses and patient. Some great integrated vital signs equipment, EKG technology, and fall alert watches are rumored to be making a presence at the great tech event.

What Are You Excited to Hear About?

I’m going to be in Las Vegas for an entire week looking at the newest and coolest offerings in technology and innovation. So what do you want me to be looking for while I am there?


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