How to Make a Glove Christmas Tree

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How to Make a glove Chrstmas tree

Nurses are creative individuals. You have to be to do the job. There’s no nurse around that hasn’t had to get creative to dress a wound properly, manage time effectively, or appease a seemingly inconsolable patient. Creativity is just the name of the game in nursing.

Unfortunately, working holidays is also a big part of the nursing game. One holiday that many nurses find particularly difficult to work is on Christmas. So many nurses miss the time with their families and familiar traditions.

But there’s no reasons to let working holiday’s completely bum you out. There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your work setting and making even create a few new holiday traditions, like perhaps a glove Christmas tree.

Instructions to Make a Christmas Tree out of Gloves

It should be noted that there is more than one way to skin a cat and thusly more than one way to make a Christmas tree out of hospital gloves. The instructions that follow are the steps I used. I will also add notes at the end to account of steps I would try for my next tree.

Picking Good Gloves

If you’re making this at work, you are likely going to use what they’ve got in stock. There are so many different kinds of gloves and some of them lend themselves better to this process than others. For example, I found that latex gloves are the only ones I could find on the shelf that would blow up like a balloon. Vinyl gloves would blow up, but not very large, and it was a real challenge to tie a knock in the cuff to hold he air in.

You can see the differences in latex and vinyl gloves below. photo 1

The first step is to blow the gloves up like balloons. You can twist the wrist of the glove around to secure the air, and carefully tie a knot in the wrist. This is not the easiest thing in the world, it may take you a few tries, but can be done. If you are using gloves that have no stretch to them you may have to deflate the gloves a little.


Securing the Gloves Together

Determine a method to secure the gloves together. I decided to do this with yarn. I basically took the yard and made slip knots and inserted the tied-off wrist into the knot. This created a chain of gloves. photo 5

Building a Base

You then have to devise some sort of base to mount the gloves on. In my case I wanted to mouse the gloves to themselves, so I built a smart base of 4 gloves as shown.

photo 12

Building up the Tree

After you have built the base for the Christmas tree, you will need to start building it up. For the tree I built, this mean position the string of gloves around the bottom and layering it up and into a tree shape. I did use yarn in various places in the tree to secure it so that it kept it’s shape without falling over. It is worth noting, however, that even with this the glove Christmas tree is still rather delicate.

Decorate the Tree

You can get creative with items you have around, or you can bring it items specifically for the tree. I would recommend choosing items them are soft and light. A garland and bows work well.

The End Result

Ta-Da! You have a glove Christmas tree, or at least a mass of gloves that somewhat resembles the shape and feel of a Christmas tree.

photo 10

Bonus Medical Christmas Fun

How about decking the halls with boughs of urinals!


Notes: The construction of the tree can be made in various ways. One factor that I would change the next go around is the structure of the base. I would probably build something out of cardboard to secure the gloves to. I would probably also use duck tape or some other form of tape to secure the gloves to the cardboard, or poke holes in the cardboard and pop the tied-off glove wrists inside to secure

See our previous post for more examples of Christmas Trees made out of gloves.

Please let us know in the comments your results in making this tree!

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Thanks for putting these step-by-step instructions together! Pictures of fun glove trees always circulate this time of year - such a great way to bring in some cheer!